Welcome to The Masters School




At The Masters School we are committed to helping each of our Middle School and Upper School students construct a distinctive, individualized and rewarding education.

Whether learning seminar-style around Harkness tables or in collaborative small groups, our students are shoulder-to-shoulder with their teachers and each other. Through this dynamic, Masters School students arrive at a deeper recognition of their learning: rather than a solitary exercise, they internalize learning as a dynamic process of mutually honing ideas while building critical thinking and communication skills.

By navigating the experiential classroom of New York City, students learn to find and mine unmatchable resources that fortify their classroom experiences and inspire them toward new discoveries and sharpened abilities.

After their years among a close-knit, egalitarian community, Masters School students embark for college as confident young women and men who embrace new ideas, appreciate different perspectives, and enjoy a field-tested understanding of self and how to navigate the world.

Once you have taken a tour of our website and seen and heard our students, faculty, alumnae/i, and parents, we hope that you will understand how Masters School students truly get closer to their learning.

Maureen Fonseca, Ph.D.
Head of School