he Masters School currently provides multiple computer labs and technological resources to the students, from workstations to multimedia labs with scanners and laser printers located strategically throughout the campus. Students have access to the latest Macintosh and Windows software, as well as the ability to connect to our enterprise wireless network in every building. Along with our music studio and publications lab, there is an integrated Language Lab and Digital Media Lab to support and encourage all types of student activity. The library catalog, Destiny, and other Internet reference sources are accessible from all networked computers and can be found by clicking here Library References or using the link from the student portal.

Each building on campus is connected by high-speed fiber, providing access to our file storage and services from any building on campus. Internet access is distributed across multiple circuits, providing accelerated web activity and bandwidth to all users. Support can be obtained through a central support phone line, helpdesk, through email or phone, and/or by scheduled appointments. All resources are maintained and serviced by the Technology Department, which is located in Morris Hall.

Hardware, Software and Wireless Connectivity FAQ:

Masters’ Upper School students have access to an enterprise level wireless network in all of the academic buildings and dormitories for all Windows and MAC laptops, along with most mobile iOS and Android devices such as phones and tablets.  

Q: Are wired network connections allowed?  
A: No. Student laptops and devices must be wireless.

Q: Should I buy a Windows Laptop/Tablet or a MAC?  
A: This is really about preference. Since these devices do just about everything the other does, it depends on how you want to use them. You will be able to print from and wirelessly connect to the network from both devices. If budget is a factor in your decision, Windows devices generally tend to be less expensive for maintenance and replacement.

Q: Does the school provide Microsoft Office suite for my personal laptop?  
A: No, but the school does have a significantly discounted price for purchasing a legal copy of Microsoft Office for Windows and for Mac. Please send an email to  for more information. 

Q: Can I purchase a laptop, tablet, printer, phone or other peripherals through the school or Technology Department?
A: No, however we can help with the purchase process and extend discounts through our vendors. 

Q: Will the Technology Department provide support for my personal device?  
A: The Technology Department can provide basic connectivity and performance troubleshooting for personal student laptops and devices. We cannot provide replacement parts or physical repairs.  

Q: Is an iPad the same as a laptop?  
A: No. Tablets such as iPads and Android tablets do not have the same functionality as a complete laptop Mac or Windows laptops would provide. They are great for Internet surfing and running certain apps, but the Technology Department suggests purchasing a laptop or tablet that provides a complete operating system such as Mac OSX 10.9.x or above or Windows 7 or above.  

Q: Is the Microsoft Surface Tablet the same as an iPad?  
A: No. The Surface comes with a complete operating system in Windows 8. The iPad comes with iOS. The iPad is most like a large iPhone, without the phone functionality.  

Q: What specifications should my device have?  
A: If you are purchasing a new device or are thinking about upgrading your current device, the Technology Department suggests the following specs:      


Windows Laptops/Tablets:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1) or Windows 8.1    
  • RAM: 4GB minimum    
  • Hard Drive: 128GB SSD or 250GB SATA minimum    
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s 3-Year onsite if available and accidental damage protection is strongly recommended

Apple Laptop:

  • Operating System: MAC OSX 10.9.x or above    
  • RAM: 4GB minimum    
  • Hard Drive: 128GB SSD or 250GB SATA minimum    
  • Warranty: AppleCare - 3 Years if available and accidental damage protection is strongly recommended


  • Microsoft Office Suite (you may purchase from the school at a heavily discounted rate so do not purchase from retail)    
  • Anti-Virus software


Q: Is printing, copying and scanning available for students on campus?  
A: Yes. The Pittsburgh Library currently has a Konica Minolta Bizhub multifunction copier that can print, scan, and copy.  You must use your ID card at the copier for copying and scanning.  The library computers are configured to quickly print out documents and assignments.  There are also printers in our multimedia and computer labs available to our students.

Q: Can I print to school printers from my personal laptop?  
A: Yes.   Please note you must be on a Windows 7 or 8 PC or Apple OSX (10.9 or above) laptop – iPads and  tablets DO NOT have this functionality at this time.  Please see here for instructions:  Technology Instructions.   Student laptops may print to the CSLAB1 laser printer located in the computer science lab in Morris Hall using the supplied USB cable as well. 

Q: Do students have access to a color printer?  
A: Yes. Color Printers are available in the Multi-Media Labs across campus.  

Q: If I am a boarding student, can I purchase my own printer for my dorm room?  
A: Yes. Please keep in mind that you will not able to connect the printer to the wireless network. We suggest purchasing a USB cable to connect your laptop to the printer.