The Arts at Masters

Students with a passion for the arts find that their time at The Masters School is a chance to acquire and develop skills and understanding. It is also a time during which they find their creative voices. Students expand their minds along with their eyes and ears. They come face-to-face with the many feelings or ideas they want to express. They demonstrate through their work that they have discovered themselves. They learn to articulate joy, sorrow, and hope without words. They use their art to tell others what they have seen, heard, and felt in the world around them.

Our teachers are working artists who deeply enjoy helping their students’ talents emerge.

Because of the School’s location near New York City and its steadfast attention to city-based learning opportunities, the music, drama, visual arts, photography, and dance programs have long been among its biggest draws. Students in the arts often study at New York City conservatories and art studios on Saturdays.

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