Department Mission

With a philosophy and pedagogy deeply rooted in the belief that to be human is to be musical, the Music Department of The Masters School contributes to a community characterized by curiosity and empathy by nurturing fluid 21st century musicians.

Our students:

  • Tend to the quality of their humanity by connecting to what it means to be human universally
  • Create personal meaning through musical experiences
  • Are prepared to tackle challenges
  • Persevere through setbacks
  • Have diverse talents and abilities
  • Engage with music through active participation and meaningful collaboration
  • Explore the spectrum of their musicianship
  • Push their boundaries
  • Cultivate versatility
  • Connect to perspectives of self and others
  • Have varied futures before them
  • Grow
  • Find and experience joy

We gather:

  • To learn - to explore the many incarnations of musicianship
  • To strive - to create safe spaces and new worlds
  • To dare - to imagine a better tomorrow, to take risks, to feel what it means to be human
  • To do - to play and sing together in a variety of styles and settings
  • To be a power for good in the world - to connect to self as well as to something larger; to serve our community in song

At Masters, music:

  • Is a vehicle for enlightened self-discovery
  • Is characterized by shared authorship in our music ensembles
  • Challenges students to practice mindfulness and social-emotional leadership in context
  • Is not exclusively focused on discrete musical skills
  • Builds fluency in cooperation
  • Increases independence of thought and creation
  • Features correlated growth in understanding that our music-making carries with it social consciousness and responsibility
  • Excellence is both part of the process and a product of that work