Student Performing Groups

Our creative and passionate students direct their own ensembles as well. From R&B to sea shanties, they choose their own repertoire, rehearse themselves, and make all governing decisions themselves. While they have access to a faculty advisor who is knowledgeable, students have direct ownership of our Student Performing Groups.


Dohters is a female a cappella singing group, which was founded in the 1960s to sing folk and protest songs. Their repertoire currently includes classical and contemporary music as well. The mission of Dohters is to uphold the longstanding tradition of song and of all-girls singing at Masters.

The Naturals

The Naturals are a male a cappella singing group. The Naturals aim to bring people together through music and to share their talents with the School and the greater community.

Cabaret Troupe

Cabaret Troupe is a musical theater ensemble whose members explore music, dance and acting through a variety of musical theater repertoire.

Positive Rhythm

Positive Rhythm encourages musicians and vocalists to express their musical styles through blues, gospel and/or R&B. Positive Rhythm contributes its positive vibe through music to the Masters community.

The Salty Dogs

The Salty Dogs are a rollicking group of mates whose particular interest lies in songs of the sea: shanties, ballads and working songs from a variety of periods and origins.

49 Clinton

49 Clinton is a group of passionate, high caliber musicians interested in playing and performing contemporary alternative and rock music. 49 Clinton performs in the Spring SPG Festival. All members of music performing ensembles must maintain concurrent membership in The Glee Club, which performs twice per year at Convocation and Commencement, along with all academic music ensembles.

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