Our exceptional cohort of five full-time and 20 adjunct faculty are committed to nurturing a love of music that will last a lifetime.

Full-Time Faculty

Jennifer Carnevale: Music Department Chair; Director of Dobbs 16, Tower Singers, Concert Choir and The Glee Club; Advisor to Dohters; Instructor of Psychology of Music, Music and Social Justice, and Eighth Grade Seminar

Curt Ebersole: Private Lessons Coordinator; Director of Chamber Music, Symphonic Winds, String Ensemble and Middle School Orchestra; Instructor of Arts Lab: Music

Katie Meadows: Coordinator of Middle School Music; Director of MastersSingers and Preludes; Musical Director of Upper School and Middle School Musicals; Advisor to Cabaret Troupe; Instructor of Fifth Grade Music and Sixth Grade Music

Gilles Pugatch: Director of Jazz Band, Jazz Modern, Jazz Orchestra and Middle School Jazz Band; Advisor to Jam Club; Instructor of AP Music Theory, Music Theory I, Music Theory II, Studio Production, and Advanced Topics in Audio Recording

John-Alec Raubeson: Director of Masters of Rock, Boom! and Dorchestra; Advisor to Positive Rhythm; Instructor of Seventh Grade Music and Eighth Grade Music

Adjunct Private Lessons Faculty

Baritone: Darlene Kaukoranta
Bass Guitar: Brian Connie, Brian O’Connell
Cello: Igor Skedrov
Clarinet: Travis Sullivan
Cornet: John Bailey
Drum Set: David Jones
Flute: Stefani Starin
French Horn: Darlene Kaukoranta
Guitar: Brain Connie, Brian O’Connell
Harmonica: Brian Connie
Piano: John Bailey, Barbara Ciannella, Nancy Kennedy, Isabelle O’Connell, Travis Sullivan, Sima Wolf
Saxophone: Travis Sullivan
Trombone: Darlene Kaukoranta
Trumpet: John Bailey
Upright/ Acoustic Bass: Cameron Brown
Viola: Olga Tymchenko
Violin: Olga Tymchenko
Voice: Gwendolyn Bradley, George Croom, Jamie Leonhart