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The Masters of Summer (MoS) program will provide three weeks (June 12-30) of enrichment classes and recreational activities to all students entering grades 5 through 12.  The MoS program will be taught by experienced Masters School faculty who have designed innovative courses that range from the academic, creative arts, athletics, engineering and science, Leadership as well as New York City experiences and more! 

MoS courses and workshops will be limited in enrollment to ensure high levels of participation and interaction for each student. To optimize flexibility, courses are offered on a weekly basis with morning and/or afternoon classes. 

Please find current course offerings below and please click on "register here" located above the video for more information on the age range for each course, cost and times offered. Questions can also be sent to Financial aid is available upon application. Please direct all financial aid inquiries to either or to

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Program Name: Creative Shakespeare

Description: Students will perform “Greatest Hits” scenes and monologues from Shakespeare’s plays. Students will also work with the language of Shakespeare in creative ways through writing, movement, music and simple video.

Program Name: Writing Reviews

Description: The course will first examine the elements of a review, then students will practice reviewing food, film and music. The final product will be for students to produce their own original review and send it out for possible publication.

Program Name: History and Harkness: Discussions in Current Events

Description: Instruction will incorporate CNN Student News, Upfront Magazine, as well as student selected news sources to facilitate robust discussions of issues in the news. Historical connections facilitated by the instructor will support student’s comprehension of complex issues facing our nation and the world.

Program Name: Graphic Novel Workshop

Description: In this week-long workshop, we will explore the emerging world of cartoons, comics and graphic novels. Students will be exposed to different styles of drawing and storytelling and- in addition to fine-tuning their own unique visual language- will produce a short comic project that tells a story all their own. 


Program Name: Masters of Glee

Description: Come get your “Glee” on! Three experience-based levels of a cappella ensemble work under the guidance of Jennifer Carnevale, Director of The Masters School’s award-winning Dobbs 16. Work on intonation, blend, balance, group cohesion, and dynamics as well as the practical application of score reading and listening. Participants will sing everyday, improvise vocally as a group, and work on 1 – 2 songs depending on the group’s level

Grade Levels:

Beginning: 7th through 10th graders with no a cappella experience or minimal choir experience;

Intermediate: 8th through 12th graders with minimal a cappella experience or some choir experience

Advanced: 9th through 12th graders with a cappella experience or significant choir experience

Note: If you participate in a beginner course in Week 1, you can progress to an intermediate course in Week 2.

Program Name: Musical Theatre Workshop: Ensemble Experience

Description: This program will offer ensemble work, and training in acting, singing, and dancing. This is a training program which will include vocal coaching, choreography and blocking, culminating in a workshop performance.

Program Name:  Musical Theatre Workshop: Scene Study

Description: This program provides students with an experience in scene study, and training in acting, singing, and dancing. This training program culminates with in a workshop performance that will teach students how to prepare audition songs and monologues, auditioning techniques, character interpretation, scene blocking, and more.

Program Name: Tap Dancing, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Ballet & Contact Improvisation

Description: Ballroom: Enjoy the infectious rhythms of SALSA and the fancy footwork of West Coast Swing while learning the two most popular social partner dances! Attire: Comfortable clothing, suede or leather sole shoes (no sneakers).

Hip hop: Learn the latest moves, floor work and acrobatic power of HIP-HOP! Attire: Athletic wear /dancewear, jazz shoes or sneakers and knee pads (required).

Tap: Experience the fun rhythms and technique of Theatre Tap & Rhythm Tap! Attire: Athletic wear/ dancewear – Oxford-style tap shoes required.

Ballet: Technique, barre, floor combinations, turns. Prerequisite for Contact Improvisation. Attire: Tights, leotard, ballet slippers, hair up.

Contact improvisation: For intermediate dancers. An exploration of expression and trust, through contact involving lifts, balances. Attire: Dancewear, ballet slippers, modern shoes or jazz shoes

Program Name: Songwriting & Recording Workshop

Description: Upper School: Write and record music in this comprehensive three-week workshop:

Week 1 – writing lyrics and music, song construction
Week 2 – arranging, rehearsing and honing parts, recording preparation
Week 3 – recording, mixing and mastering

Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting. Hone your craft. Learn how music evolves from idea to finished product. Explore strategies to cultivate ideas and shape them into dynamic music.

Description: Middle School: Participants will be guided through the process of recording music in this one-week workshop. Learn the fundamentals of studio production in the digital realm. Bring your instrument and/or voice and record in this workshop.

Program Name: Beginner-level/Intermediate-level Guitar Skills and the Craft of Songwriting

DescriptionBeginner: Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Then this one-week session is for you. No prior knowledge or skills is required. You will learn chords, harmony, melody and styles.

Intermediate: This course will focus on more advanced guitar topics as well as the choices for constructing a song and telling a story with music. Prerequisite: Students must know all 16 basic chords as well and the pentatonic scales

Program Name: Drawing the Still Life

Description: In this class students learn how to draw the still life from direct observation. Concepts such as symmetry, value, texture, space and composition will be emphasized. The students will train their eye to see size relationships and subtle differences of tone, form and edges, while experimenting with different drawing materials such as charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, or a combination of them when appropriate. Advanced students can choose to draw anatomical cast statues. Instruction will be tailored to individual student levels, needs and artistic preferences.

Program Name: Fun with Acrylic Painting

Description: Students will create a painting from a picture of their choice or from a still life arranged in the art room with the teacher. Working from life is encouraged in order to develop observational techniques such as sighting for proportional relationships, perspective, and design. Line, shape, value, texture, space and principles of strong composition are some of the concepts emphasized. Instruction will be tailored to individual student levels, needs and artistic preferences. The instructor will provide guidance for the successful completion of the project.


Program Name: Upper School & Middle School Fencing

Description: Students will engage in physical conditioning activity, footwork, and drills in the morning session. In the afternoon, they will have the opportunity to have fencing bouts, group lessons, and individual lessons. The intention is to give new students the opportunity to experience fencing and students with some experience a summer training option.

Program Name: Basketball Academy

Description: Lou Demello's Basketball Academy provides a fun, challenging educational experience for each camper. Instruction, competition and games are designed to address the age and maturity of each player. Each player will be coached throughout the sessions by a staff recognized for their ability to teach basketball in an enthusiastic and safe environment. It is our hope that each young athlete will leave our camp with the skills to become a better basketball player and great memories of a fun filled week.

Program Name:  Tennis

Description: In this 2-hour-per-day program, students will be taught by an instructor certified with the United States Professional Tennis Association. Students will receive instruction, perform drills, play instructional games, and practice match-play situations. 

Program Name:  Open Swim: Everyone in the Pool!

Description: It is summer and what better way to spend your time then in the pool. Come for lessons or for free swim, but come and get your feet wet.  Certified lifeguards and American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors will be on hand to teach swimming and to ensure your safety.

Program Name: Outdoor Adventure Program Backpacking

Description: Join us for a 5 day experience as we explore the beautiful Hudson Valley. We will depart from The Masters School and head up to Harriman/Bear Mountain State Park. Our route will take us along the Appalachian Trail as we learn backpacking skills and discover the beauty that this area has to offer. The trip is designed with sustainability and leadership development in mind. We will follow the core principles of Leave No Trace, doing our best to leave as little impact on the land as possible, and learn how to function as leaders and active members of a team.

Program Name: Self-defense

Description: If you would like to learn how to defend yourself from attackers on the street, look no further. This short-term course is designed to teach the basics of self-defense. You will learn basic strikes and blocks, and defend against common empty-handed and weapon attacks. The skills you will learn will equip you both physically and mentally when confronted in a potentially dangerous scenario.

Program Name: Squash

Description Sahel Anwar’s camp is designed to help kids of all levels enhance their squash game by focusing on the following areas:

1. Technique: ball control, swing, racquet speed
2. Fitness: speed, endurance, interval workouts, footwork, and plyometric
3. Cognitive: perception, reading of the game, tactics and strategies (targets, defense, attacking, game plan)
4. Mental: focus, determination, intentionality

Equipment needed: Squash rackets and indoor court shoes


Program Name: Baking/Prep and Line Cooking

Description: Baking:

Day 1: Quick Breads and Muffins
Day 2: Yeast Breads
Day 3: Cookies and Brownies – chewy, crunchy or caky?
Day 4: Cakes and Icings Day
5: Pastries and Pâte à Choux

Description: Prep and Line Cooking: The essential ingredients of being a chef include: 1) knowing the prep kitchen; 2) understanding basic line cooking; 3) learning the basics of soups and sauces; 4) using spices and herbs; 5) presentation techniques; and 6) experimentation and practice.

Day 1: Knife Techniques
Day 2: On the cooktop, in the oven and under the salamander
Day 3: Soups and sauces
Day 4: The 10-minute gourmet: Premixing your own herb/spice blends
Day 5: You eat with your eyes first: Simple presentation techniques 

Program Name: Crumpets, Crochet and Tea

Description: Learn to crochet fine dainties while sipping tea and enjoying conversation.

Engineering & Science

Program Name: Entrepreneurship Workshop: Turn Your Idea into a Business!

Description: Do you want to own your own business one day? Do you hope to invent something great and make millions from it?

In this workshop you will learn a few basic steps for turning a great idea into a business opportunity! Bring your most creative ideas and inventions and learn to write a simple business plan for how to advertise, price and deliver your product or service to your future customers.

Come away with a basic picture of what your future venture will look like. Who knows — we may have a future Apple or Instagram founder in the room!

Program Name: Advanced Explorations Chemistry with a Concentration in Organic

Description: Scientists do science. They make models, experimentally test them, and revise them based on their results. While building a knowledge base is arguably a critical component of science education, it often means the doing can be lost. In this program, we will focus on learning through laboratory experimentation. Each of the labs has a unique experimental question embedded in a “real world” context. The students will explore these issues through instruction, designing protocols, preparing equipment and reagents for carrying out experiments, learning advanced laboratory techniques and good practices, drawing conclusions, and thinking about the “next questions.”

Program Name: Introduction to Robotics: Structure and Motion

Description: New to robotics? VEX IQ is a robotics platform designed to bring science, technology, engineering and math to life. No experience is necessary, and this snap-together system requires no tools. Students will be guided through the engineering design process of objective identification, concept generation, solution development, prototype construction and testing, and solution evaluation.

It is strongly recommended that students participating in this program also participate in Introduction to Coding Using Robot C: Teleoperations.

Program Name: Introduction to Robotics: Sensors and Automation

Description: Having learned the engineering design process and the basics of structure, motion and teleoperations, this workshop explores the use of sensors both in teleoperations and autonomous operations. Students will learn about the usage of bumper switches, gyroscopes, light sensors and ultrasonic range finders in automation.

It is strongly recommended that students participating in this program also participate in Intermediate Coding: Autonomous Operations.

Program Name: Introduction to Coding Using Robot C: Teleoperations

Description: For those interesting in learning how to code, RobotC allows users to program their VEX IQ and VEX EDR robots using either a graphical drag-and-drop programming interface, or the popular industry standard C-based ROBOTC programming language.

For beginning users, RobotC’s Graphical drag-and-drop interface allows users to get up and running quickly by using commands such as “Forward”, “Turn Right”, “Line Track” and “Arcade Control”. Users can develop custom robot configurations and program the easy-to-use Graphical Interface with any robot configuration!

Once the programmer is comfortable with the drag-and-drop interface, their code can be easily converted to the fully featured text-based C-Programming software. This advanced programming option opens the door to more advanced computer topics and robot automation.

Program Name: Intermediate Coding Using Robot C: Autonomous Operations

Description: In this workshop, students will learn about two forms of autonomous operations: deduced reckoning and pilotage/odometry, and will code using both. Using and reading feedback from sensors will be explored in depth.

Program Name: Introduction to Three-dimensional Modeling and Printing

Description: In this workshop, students will follow the engineering design process to make a simple puzzle cube. This will include explorations of concept sketching and technical drawing. Students will also be introduced to Autodesk Inventor, a computer-aided design application, and will use the software to digitally create their designs before 3d printing their final product.

Program Name: Intermediate Three-dimensional Modeling and Printing

Description: In this workshop, students will learn advanced features of part design as they look to create a custom case for their mobile phones. Students will also learn how to produce technical drawings of parts and assemblies.

Program Name: CITYWeek

Description: CITYweek is an opportunity for rising tenth and eleventh graders to explore one of the world’s greatest cities with CITYterm at The Masters School, one of the country’s leading experts on experience-based learning.

Leadership Institute

Program Name: Masters Leadership Institute: Find your Inner Leader!

Description: All of us are called to lead at times in our lives; in fact it is often our everyday choices that make the most difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.  In this summer intensive leadership program, students will learn about themselves, what they value, and learn about the obstacles to everyday leadership through exploratory exercises, role-plays and by grappling with dilemmas based on real-life experiences. By strengthening their understanding of what it takes to move communities forward in positive directions, students will deepen their understanding of their leadership potential.

New York City Experiences

Program Name: “Free for All!” Public Art in NYC 

Description: Public art's all over the place, with installations finding permanent homes in parks, in plazas, and even, in some cases, affixed on the sides of buildings. In this one week session, we will explore the best free public art NYC has to offer taking us to all corners of the city.

This is a day-long offering, leaving Dobbs Ferry sometime on the first off-peak train (9:52 A.M.) and returning home on the last off-peak at 3:43 to arrive back in Dobbs Ferry at 4:19 P.M.

Program Name: CITYWeek

DescriptionCITYweek is an opportunity for rising tenth and eleventh graders to explore one of the world’s greatest cities with CITYterm at The Masters School, one of the country’s leading experts on experience-based learning.

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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