Upper School

The Upper School at The Masters School

I am often asked to describe the typical student at The Masters School. This is a particularly challenging question because what first attracted me to join the faculty here is the school’s long-standing commitment to attracting and serving an exceptionally diverse student body, including students of different nationalities, races, and social, economic, and religious backgrounds. 


As they enter The Masters School we welcome the different experiences and perspectives in our classrooms, dormitories, clubs, and athletic teams. We consider this diversity our greatest educational resource as it constantly challenges students and faculty alike to consider new ideas and ways of seeing.


My years as Upper School teacher have given me a clear knowledge of the common effect that our diversity has on students and faculty alike. It encourages each member of The Masters School to develop a commitment to community, to see and promote the best in ourselves and others, and to have an open mind and open heart.


Matt Ives

Head of Upper School