Inspiring Students to Engage in Critical Issues

The Global and Civic Exchange Program at Masters inspires students to engage with and understand the critical issues facing today’s world, as well as prepares them for the wider, more complicated world ahead.
Through a variety of international educational opportunities, their current views of the world will be challenged and expanded upon. These experiences will leave a lasting impression that will change how they see the world and how the world sees them. Companies today seek out employees who can think globally, individuals who have been exposed to and engaged with the world beyond their own and can comfortably navigate all types of diversity with empathy and a strong ability to forge connections.

Globetrotters at Masters have...

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  • Homestay at Tibetan Buddhist and Monastery

    Participated in a two-week-long homestay at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Lijiang, China
  • Visiting Progressive Schools

    Visited a progressive boarding school in Tokyo, Japan
  • Repairing Nursery Schools

    Made repairs to nursery schools in the Dominican Republic
  • Political Leaders and Historical/Social Issues

    Spoken with political leaders and explored historical and social issues in Santo Domingo, in the company of host families
  • Abroad on Spring Break

    Traveled abroad for spring break to destinations such as Cuba and Montreal
In addition to exchange students visiting campus, our students get to interact with peers who come from over 30 countries right here at Masters. In becoming global citizens both abroad and on campus, students hone their interpersonal skills and cultural knowledge, important differentiators that can be applied to all aspects of life.

Program Goals

School Partnerships

    • Developing partnerships with ChengDu  and Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Lijiang


      Developing partnerships with ChengDu and Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Lijiang

    • St. George, Liceo-Escuela Nuestra

      Dominican Republic

      St. George, Liceo-Escuela Nuestra

    • College Sainte-Anne

      Montreal, Canada

      College Sainte-Anne

    • Supreme Education Academy, The Lyceum Lahore


      Supreme Education Academy, The Lyceum Lahore

    • Jiyu Gakuen, Minoshima High School


      Jiyu Gakuen, Minoshima High School

    • Cours Saint-Marie de Hann


      Cours Saint-Marie de Hann

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