Alumnae/i Award Winners


Created to honor Nell Angle Richmond ’34 and Tom Richmond, this award is presented each year by the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association to an alumna/us whose exceptional support of and service to The Masters School reflects the same outstanding quality of creative leadership demonstrated by the Richmond family.

Because this is an Alumnae/i Association award for leadership, it traditionally goes to an alumna/us who has worked as a Dobbs volunteer in a number of different jobs over a period of years, showing leadership and dedication in not just one but many areas of service. It recognizes a kind of selfless dedication and willingness to serve, and has gone to alumnae/i who have always been willing to go the extra mile in their service to the school. Staying power as an active leader—long-term service as opposed to intense short-term service—is recognized by means of awarding The Richmond Bowl.

Past Recipients
1976 Allie Burchenal Ault* ’21
1977 Joan Malloch Lord* ’42
1978 Dorothy March Halsey* ’12
1979 Lilian Hall Fisher* ’37
1980 Marianne Prescott Mead ’41
1981 Penelope Spurr Marshall ’45
1982 Jane Lightner Meads* ’42
1983 Pamela Daly Vose* ’47
1984 Margaret Detmer Rossi ’50
1985 Eugenia Merrill Seamans* ’40
1986 Phyllis Hoelzel Evans* ’36
1987 Jeannette Sanford Fowlkes ’58
1988 Cynthia Ferris Evans ’52
1989 Ann Thorndike Cover ’53
1990 Vesta Tittmann McLean ’40
1991 Judith Sperry MacEwan ’56
1992 Betsy Thorndike Wilson ’58
1993 Betty Ann Drake Shook* ’45
1994 Ruth Mitchell Freeman ’51
1995 Leslie May Marra* ’67
1996 Elizabeth Edwards Ledyard* ’26
1997 Susan Smith Collinson ’62
1998 Susie Marckwald Mackay ’58
1999 Nell Fisher Grim* ’53
2000 Lynn Pilzer Sobel ’71
2001 Margaret Kies Dietterich ’65
2002 Louisa Garnsey Lambert* ’57
2003 Margaret Leyman McHenry ’63
2004 Ann Atkins Clark ’44
2005 Eleanor Merrick Bissell* ’33
2006 Susan Madden Samson* ’57
2007 Susan Follett Morris ’57
2008 Ann Ebbert Sullivan ’58
2009 Carolyn “Lyn” Orr Mattoon ’59
2010 Eleanor Bissell Bochner ’65
2011 Priscilla Franklin Hindley ’66
2012 Elise Funke Griffin ’47
2013 Norene Ginsburg Peck ’73
2014 Christine Grim Neikirk ’84
2015 Susan “Spark” Cremin ’65
2016 Diana Davis Spencer ’56 P’84
2017 Louise Millholland Cecil* ’57
2018 Sally Nolan ’68
2019 Libbie Payne ’69
2020 Lucy Doolittle Kourides ’70
2021 Dibbie Spurr Appleton '56


The Anna Howe Faculty Award is an award recognizing former or current faculty members who have helped shape and change the lives of their students. The award is presented to a teacher who has not only excelled in the classroom, but who, through guidance, encouragement, and support has made a meaningful difference to his or her students.

Past Recipients
2002 Barbara Jones*
2003 Julie Davidson*
2004 Lenore Laupheimer*
2005 Larry Blizard
2006 John “Jack” Pierpont*
2007 Patricia Bayliss
2008 Dr. Nancy Theeman
2009 M.A. Haskin
2010 Ginger O’Shea
2011 Louise Riker Edmonds* ’46
2012 Mary Wood
2013 Jane Baron Rechtman*
2014 Chris Goulian
2015 Cecilia Nauck
2016 Everett "Doc" Wilson
2017 Dr. Eileen "Lee" Dieck
2018 Ellen Cowhey
2019 Colleen Roche
2020 Lisa Berrol


The Eliza Bailey Masters Fellowship Award is given to honor an alumna/us who exemplifies Miss Masters’ philosophy through outstanding service to his or her community. While this award recognizes an alumna/us who exemplifies Miss Masters’ ideal of service in the world beyond Dobbs, potential candidates should also have maintained their ties to and affection for our alma mater.

Past Recipients
1977 Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank* ’27
1982 Louise Riker Edmonds* ’46
1986 Joan Sitt McMenamin* ’42
1991 Allie Burchenal Ault* ’21
1995 Penelope Spurr Marshall ’45
1997 Kathryn S. Fuller ’64
2000 Alice Probasco Lupton* ’45
2006 Laura Lee Brown ’59
2007 Alison M. Jones ’67
2008 Jean Wheeler Hoffman ’52
2009 Betsy Flower Gotbaum ’56
2010 Sydney Shafroth Macy ’70
2015 Barbara Congdon Van Dusen ’45
2016 Claudia Boettcher Merthan ’51
2017 Dr. Joanne Liegner ’73
2018 Mirna Valerio ’93
2019 Marin Alsop ’73 
2020 Marne Kies Dietterich ’65

Created in 2015 to honor former Head of School Maureen Fonseca, the Young Alumnae/i Award recognizes an alumna/us under the age of 30 who embodies the values and mission of The Masters School—to learn, to strive, to dare, to do, and to be a power for good in the world—and who maintains a deep connection to Masters and to his or her fellow alumnae/i through volunteerism and active involvement in the life of the School.

Past Recipients
2016 Ava Bynum ’10
2018 Molly Edwards ’08
2020 Hannah Miller ’10
2021 Crystal Sosa '10

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