Dear Alumnae/i,

As President of the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association, I would like to welcome you to the Alumnae/i Association webpage. As an alum of The Masters School, you are part of a community of more than 6,000 living alumnae/i around the globe who are all doing it with their might. 

The Alumnae/i Board is here as a resource for you, whether you are interested in making professional connections or finding ways to engage with your classmates, current students and the School. There are also plenty of ways to get involved with your alma mater — we are always looking for alumnae/i volunteers to help with class notes, admission support, mentoring students, hosting events and fundraising. If you are interested in volunteering, please take a moment to fill out this form

I encourage you to reach out to me at and look forward to finding new and exciting ways to connect us as a community!

Do it with thy might,


Hannah Miller ’10
President, Alumnae/i Association Board

2020-2021 Dobbs Alumnae/i Association Board

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  • Hannah Miller ’10, President

    Class of 2010, Delta
    Board member since 2015
    Attorney, Washington, D.C.

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    I most enjoy finding ways for alumnae/i to reconnect and connect with each other.

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    To me, Doing It With Thy Might means conducting oneself with integrity and empathy, so that-- succeed, fail, or otherwise-- you are proud of yourself.
  • Ricardo Oelkers ’03, Vice-President

    Class of 2003, Delta
    Board member since 2012
    Sales and marketing, Washington, D.C.

    “Masters is an environment that always seems to elicit the best of the young men and women who walk through its doors.  I was fortunate to make friends from all walks of life, was challenged both in the classroom and on the athletic fields, and met faculty that I still confer with for advice.  I attribute a large portion of both my personal and professional success to the Masters community and am forever thankful.”
  • Justina Michaels ’02, Clerk

    Class of 2002
    Board member since 2017
    Event Planner and Event Designer, Brooklyn, NY 

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    The opportunity to create meaningful connections for Alums of all ages and continue the incredible sense of community that Masters fostered in me as a high school student. I'm also an organizational queen and detail oriented so being the Clerk is right up my alley!

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    It means putting your best effort in at all times and knowing that you have everything you need to make a difference in the world, one achievement at a time.
  • Natasha Bansgopaul ’04

    Class of 2004, Delta
    Board member since 2020
    Entrepreneur, New York, NY

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    Working with Masters Alumni to provide feedback and support for the broader Masters Community. I am excited to work more specifically on diversity, equity, and inclusion matters for our prestigious community as we continue to grow.

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    Personally, "Do It With Thy Might" means to dedicate to giving your ALL when you approach any endeavor of importance.
  • Lucas Buyon '11

    Class of 2011, Delta
    Board member since 2020
    Doctoral Candidate in Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Boston, MA

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    I am excited for the opportunity to give back to Masters and play a role in shaping the alum community's relationship to the school. I'm very excited about the mentoring program that is being launched!

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    To me it means doing any task that comes your way both well and with passion.
  • Sharon Nechis Castillo ’84

    Class of 1984, Phi
    Board member since 2014
    Technology, Concord, MA

    “Dobbs was the place that supported me in figuring out who I was and who I wanted to become.  In both my personal and professional life, I carry the things that I learned there with me and use them every day.  I am always proud to be part of this community.  My daughter attended CITYterm and she feels the same way.”
  • Ellie Collinson ’98

    Class of 1998, Phi
    Board member since 2016 
    Chief Operating Officer, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Washington, D.C.

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    Keeping in touch and helping fundraise for the school that gave me so much.

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    Learning what your personal power(s) are and using your voice and skills to make the world better.
  • Karen Feinberg Dorsey ’84

    Class of 1984, Delta
    Board member since 2007
    Civil Engineer/ Project Manager, Poulsbo, WA

    What do you enjoy most about your role on the Alum Board?
    Staying connected to the school through engagement with alums, current students, faculty and administration.

    What does "Do It With Thy Might" mean to you?
    Whatever you are doing, be all in.
  • Austin O’Neill Dunyk ’98

    Class of 1998
    Board member since 2016

    Financial Planner, Syracuse, NY
  • John McGovern '07

    Board member since 2014

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Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with your alma mater as a volunteer. To learn more about any of the opportunities listed below, please contact the Office of Alumnae/i Engagement at or 914-479-6611.

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  • Be a Class Notes Editor

    Class Notes Editors help keep their classmates connected to Dobbs/Masters and to each other. Editors stay abreast of news and updates from classmates and twice per year, work with the Alumnae/i Office to write a Class Notes section in the School’s Bulletin magazine.
  • Be an Alumnae/i Admission Ambassador

    Alumnae/i Admission Ambassadors support the Office of Admission by helping to raise awareness about Masters in their local communities, attending and/or hosting admission events in their areas, conducting interviews for prospective applicants, and serving as an informational and welcoming resource for new students and their families.
  • Host a Masters Gathering in your City or Region

    We are always looking for opportunities to meet and hear from alums around the country and the world. If you’d like to help us host an event for fellow Dobbs/Masters alumnae/i in your city or town, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Join Your Reunion Committee

    Reunion Committee volunteers help to build excitement for an upcoming class Reunion. Volunteers encourage classmates to attend Reunion, host or attend pre-Reunion planning sessions, work with the Alumnae/i Office to organize special events both on and off campus and support Reunion giving efforts.
  • Serve as a Class Agent

    Class agents play a vital role in encouraging alumnae/i support of the School’s Annual Giving campaign. As Annual Fund volunteers, class agents help to energize fellow classmates about the importance of giving back to Masters through outreach and by example.
  • Volunteer for Giving Day

    Our Alumnae/i Giving Day is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your classmates and make a positive impact on your alma mater by working to increase participation in the Annual Fund. There are many ways to take part in this important 24 hour event: call or email classmates from home, join us here on campus at our annual Connect-a-thon; be a social media ambassador and more.

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