AP European History Classes Present Museum Exhibits in Estherwood

AP European History students gathered in Estherwood this past Tuesday, February 26, and Wednesday, February 27, to present their museum displays that they had laid out across the historic mansion.
The students were tasked by their teachers, Mr. Ives and Mr. Shapiro, with creating a museum exhibit that illustrates the main features of a visual arts movement or theme. Research for the project included a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Friday, February 22, as well as readings on art history.

Students worked in small groups on their exhibits, with resulting projects focused on topics such as art in East and West Germany, Romantic art and nationalism, the Vorticist Movement, and images of political propaganda, among others.

Ives shared that there were several goals for the project: “I hope that students learned how to work together in a group, learned to examine art critically and develop historical arguments based on what they see, and that they thought deeply about how audiences experience a museum display.”

The exhibits were an eclectic mix of media, including video, photography and 3-D art.

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