Students Document Their Personal Growth With Capstone Projects

There are two words that can aptly describe the seventh grade experience: a journey.

And, on Tuesday, May 21, seventh grade students shared artistic renderings of their personal journeys, experiences and growth over the course of the year during the grade's capstone project presentation, “From There to Here: A Celebration of Journeys through Seventh Grade.”
The event, which took place in Doc Wilson Hall, was an opportunity for students to showcase their original, 3-D art projects that express the journey they have each taken through seventh grade, with their pieces conveying events and experiences that shaped them into who they are today. Attendees voiced that they were impressed with reflections students provided in their artist statements and the honesty they showed toward their challenges and achievements in seventh grade.
As part of the capstone project, the students also selected a fictional or real individual from their humanities studies, provided an image of that person, and then wrote an original monologue detailing thoughts, emotions and perspectives of that person. The monologues were an interdisciplinary assignment between drama class and humanities.

Students’ "Unique Me" collages, which they created in September, were also displayed, which offered another opportunity for students to consider their perceptions of themselves from the beginning of the year and how they feel they have changed over time.

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