Seniors Debut Collaborative Music Videos

An enthusiastic audience of more than 60 students and teachers packed into the Library Conference Room on Thursday, May 30, to watch as Alex Bentzien ’19 and Elliott Feder ’19 debuted their two original music videos — “Stars In My Eyes” and “Ingenue” — for their senior project.

Feder, well known in the community for her singing voice, wrote the songs from start to finish, and Bentzien, who became interested in video work junior year, was director, videographer and editor of the music videos.

Feder had selected two very different-sounding songs for the project: one upbeat, indie song and the other a more reflective, R&B-style song. “I like that they were different, but still felt like me,” Feder said. When it came to creating videos for the music, “I knew from a practical standpoint, as a director, that I would have to film in locations on campus and near campus,” Bentzien said. Those spots included the Dobbs Diner, a nearby playground, Estherwood mansion, and the Greene Family Field. “I crafted a narrative around those spaces,” she explained. And, she said, “I knew that I wanted student performers, and that I wanted to show an adolescent experience.” Bentzien had six actors and dancers participate in the videos: Ileya du Boulay ’19, Sophia Herzberg ’20, Amita Khurana ’19, Victoria Mayorga ’19, Katie Sharon ’19 and Marina Shishkina ’20. “The fact that my classmates were willing to do this on their own time and volunteer themselves is so impressive, and I am so grateful for them,” Bentzien said. The two also praised Mr. Capozzalo, Mr. Pugatch and Mr. Shapiro for their support throughout the process.

The videos received an enthusiastic response from the audience, and Bentzien and Feder were flooded with hugs and shouts of congratulations after the event ended. And with both heading to NYU in the fall — Feder for music and Bentzien for literature and cinema studies — one can hope that this collaboration will be the first of many.

Listen to "Stars In My Eyes" and "Ingenue" on Elliott Feder's Soundcloud

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