Dobbs 16 and Alumna Partner to Record Off-Broadway Song

It’s common practice for vocalists to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the United States’ national anthem, but on Friday, September 27, Dobbs 16 had the unique opportunity to sing the anthem for an imaginary country.

The 16-person a cappella group recorded the anthem for a new off-Broadway play, “Terra Firma,” by Barbara Hammond. The show is set in a not-so-distant future and tells the story of a tiny kingdom that is considering “what makes a citizen, a country, and civilization.” Dobbs 16 recorded the fictional nation’s anthem, which will be used at the end of the play “to suggest that the impact of this island nation’s experience travels beyond its immediate borders,” Jen Carnevale, chair of the Department of Performing Arts (DoPA), said. 

The Masters School singing group was approached by Class of 2017 alumna Kirina Petkun, who is currently working with Hammond. Petkun was involved with several DoPA performing groups during her time at Masters, including Concert Choir, Tower Singers, Dobbs 16, Phoenix and a number of dramatic productions. 

For those who want to hear the Dobbs 16 performance, “Terra Firma” runs through November 10 at The Coop in New York City. 

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