Students’ Innovative Publication Raises Funds for Charity

A group of sixth graders has found a way to use memes for good by creating Time for Memes, a publication that celebrates and analyzes the internet cultural phenomena.

The group, consisting of Jimmy Fabian, Alex Kritzer, Jackson Schuchard, John Thorn and Milo Wallach, has created two editions of the magazine this year. They sell copies of Time for Memes for $1 each, and proceeds go to charity.
With articles such as “Choosing Your Meme Posting Platform,” “Memes of the Month” and “Things That Should Be Memes But Aren’t,” the publication is well-suited for middle school students, a group that grew up with the internet. Despite the wide range of topics displayed in a Time for Memes magazine, Kritzer explained that the concept grew out of a simple idea: to parody the news magazine TIME. To enact this creative idea, “We started a Google doc, and Time for Memes was born,” he said. Once the idea went from a Google doc to hard copy, it took on a new life as a vehicle to support worthy causes.
The first edition in December raised $71 for Team Trees, which aims to fight deforestation by planting 20 million trees. The second edition, which was sold earlier this week, raised $86 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, a pediatric treatment and research facility that focuses primarily on childhood cancer. “It’s a really well-known charity, and we thought a lot of people would want to support them and the work they do,” Kritzer explained.