A Local Legend Sets the Scene

Upper school media arts teacher David Becker didn’t travel far for inspiration when he assigned a recent animation class project.

The classic tale, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” which is set in the nearby Hudson Valley village of Sleepy Hollow, was all the creative motivation his students needed.

“Before creating their animations, students learned about the original story, its ties to our local community, existing animations of the story and its famous character, the Headless Horseman,” explained Becker.

The students each had a unique take on the spooky Washington Irving story which celebrated its 200th anniversary this year. 

"It was a super cool project and I learned a lot about video production. It was a blast to watch all of the fantastic, creative videos,” Paige Freund ’24

“This project was a great opportunity to learn about both stop motion animation and local history. I was so impressed by all their hard work and creativity," Becker added.


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