Student Snapshot is a Global Winner

Being stuck inside during the pandemic in May forced George Chang ’22 to get creative. His ingenuity earned him an honorable mention in the prestigious global contest for the International Photography Awards (IPA) with his bright and eye-catching entry in the student competition category. 

He titled it simply, “Virus.”

“I wasn't thinking much about anything virus-related when I was doing the photo shoot, I was simply amazed by how ink reacted to water,” said Chang. “I took this photo for my Photo 2 class; it was during the time when we were all remote, so we had to come up with something we can do around the house.”
A search through his kitchen was just the spark Chang needed. “I found some ink around the house, filled up the clear bucket, and set up a tiny studio on my table with some paper as the background and my lamp as the lighting, he said.”

“I love that even during lockdown, George was able to create a remarkable image like this using the items he had on hand,” said upper school photography teacher Rachel Langosch.

His description that accompanied the winning photo said it all. “Once the ink enters the water, there is no way to stop it from spreading: a reflection of the virus entering the world.”

“George is an incredibly dedicated photographer and has been thriving in his photography practice both within Masters and around the world!” added Langosch.

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