Coming in 2021: The Masters Justice Choir

The Masters Justice Choir — a performing group that will come together to sing about the issues on people’s minds today — is set to make its debut in 2021.

Justice Choir is a nationwide organization whose mission is “to encourage more community singing for social and environmental justice,” as stated on the organization’s webpage.

The Masters Justice Choir will gather as a community to become part of this mission. Students in all grades, faculty and staff are welcome to join. Sam Appiah ’12 will serve as the director, while Barbara Ciannella, a member of the performing arts faculty, will act as co-director. All rehearsals will be remote until it is safe to meet in person. 
Song selections will feature gospel music/singing tradition, with non-denominational and secular music including: 

"Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
"Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas 
"Roar" by Katy Perry 
"I Know Where I’ve Been" by Queen Latifah 
"There’s a Change Coming" 
"This Little Light of Mine" 
Justice Choir songbook selections
"What’s Going On" by Marvin Gaye (Great Gig 2021)

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