Welcome Back Boarders!

The sun was shining and there was excitement in the air as the first group of boarding students returned to The Masters School on Saturday, February 6. This was the first time boarders have been in the dorms since last March.

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Head of School Laura Danforth and Dr. Paula Chu were front and center as they greeted the students and their families. Danforth called their arrival “a happy and heartening thing to see.”

“It was a joy to take this important step toward having our boarding program come back to life and making our school whole,” Danforth said. “We’re excited for the next group to return as well.” 

After a warm welcome from classmates, faculty and staff at the Fonseca Center, the 26 returning students made their way to their rooms in the Cole and Ford dormitories. An additional six boarders will move in next week.

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Director of Residential Services Dena Torino helped to organize the big move-in day. “The day went incredibly smooth,” she said. “Students and families were extremely happy and excited to be here. You could see smiles through everyone’s masks!”

With ongoing health and safety protocols in place, the remaining group of boarding students is scheduled to return after spring break.

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