Masters Sends Top Math Students to Next Round

It’s the sort of academic performance that deserves a standing ovation.

The Mathematical Association of America announced that Emily Hyun ’22 and Eric Modesitt ’21 have aced the first round of the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) to qualify for the prestigious American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) to be held the week of March 15.

Math Department Chair Michele Dennis is very proud. “It’s quite an honor to move to the next level,” she noted. “They’re both exceptional students.”    

Hyun and Modesitt were two of 30 Masters students who sat for the AMC exam that is offered every year to high school students around the globe. Modesitt described the AMC exam as “a combination of mathematical theory and clever and eloquent problem-solving techniques.” Hyun, who also qualified last year, appreciates that the test is made up of “differently styled problems from regular homework sets but doesn't require knowledge that is beyond high school math.”

Upper school math teacher Hank Kim explained that those who excel in this competition are “sincerely interested in learning math and solving problems and relish challenges.” Kim thinks highly of both Hyun and Modesitt. “Not only are they hardworking and talented, but they are good people,” he said. “We can use them as beacons and role models for the younger students as well as their peers.”

Students who do well on the AIME, a 3-hour exam composed of 15 questions, advance to the final component of the competition, the International Mathematical Olympiad. “I'm a bit nervous about the AIME since this will be my last year to compete and I want to do well, but overall, I'm just glad I got this far,” added Modesitt.

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