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New Campus Beehives Ready to Buzz
Posted 04/20/2018 11:00AM

A beekeeper installed two new honey beehives on campus on April 13 as students looked on and learned about the process.

The beehives were set up on a site at the northeast corner of campus by Karen Sabath, a honey beekeeper from Rainbeau Ridge, a sustainable farm in Bedford Hills, NY. Each of the hives has the potential to produce up to 30 pounds of honey, she said.

On hand were several members of EFFECT, Masters' student-run sustainability committee, as well as Upper School science teacher Courtney White and a few others. Ms. Sabath explained each step of the setup process and removed the two queen honeybees from their carriers, showing them to the students. Once the queens were established in their respective hives, Ms. Sabath shook out the worker bees into the hives, where they quickly settled in before sunset.

In a creative touch, the students named the hives after the American poets Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson.

Ms. Sabath checked the hives on Wednesday, April 18 and reported: "I observed eggs in both hives, which is essential to knowing that the queen has been recently present and that she's laying eggs in a quality way in the hives."

To learn more about honeybees, visit Ms. Sabath's blog.

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