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Alum in the Spotlight: Matt Kozar '02
Posted 06/11/2018 12:33PM

Class Year: 2002

Are you a Delta or a Phi?  Phi

College: Brown University

Graduate School (if any): Columbia University


  1. Where do you work and what is your current position? 

Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs at the Mount Sinai Health System


  1. How did you get involved in your current industry?

Following journalism school, I worked a broadcast journalist and reported for TV stations across the country, most recently at WCBS-TV and CBS News. In 2011, I received a regional Emmy award for my work. While working as a reporter, I developed an interest in medical news, science, and innovation, so I was excited to broaden my storytelling skillset when the Mount Sinai Health System offered me a position to join their press office and build a video team.


  1. What do you enjoy doing outside of work (for fun, volunteering, etc.)?

Running. Writing. Museums. Movies. Video Editing. Storytelling. Traveling.


  1. What/who inspires you? 

I'm lucky to have two parents who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and motivated me to work harder. Both are positive people who led by example and taught me to accept life's challenges as learning opportunities.


  1. What is an accomplishment you are most proud of? 

It took four years to complete my first novel, Angels on the Bridge, published earlier this year. The book begins with the death of the main character, who crosses over to the other side and continues his spiritual journey by accepting a challenge from God that will dictate his eternal fate. The book is inspired by my brother Doug.


  1. What activities were you involved in at Masters? 

Tower Newspaper. Student Government. Gold Key. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Soccer.


  1. How did your Masters experience impact the trajectory of your career?

While working as an editorial writer for Tower, I wrote an essay about the SAT's, which won first place in a Gannett Newspaper contest.  The experience made me realize that I'd found something I was both good at and enjoyed doing.  It sparked an interest in journalism, writing, and storytelling, which I continue practicing to this day.


  1. Who was your most influential teacher at Masters? How and why?

There were so many teachers who positively impacted my high school experience, so I feel that it's unfair for me to single out only one. I learned how to write and think outside-the-box because of my many amazing instructors across multiple disciplined. Following graduation at Masters, I felt well-prepared for university.


  1. What is your favorite Masters memory? 

My fondest memory is when I scored the buzzer beater against Millbrook as a freshman on the varsity basketball team. It was my only basket of the game, but it came at the right time. My teammate joked that I should retire from the sport while I was still on top, and he was correct.  I never had a sports experience as exciting as that game.


  1. Do you have any advice for the class of 2018?

Successful people fail--sometimes, they fail a lot--but what separates them from the rest is persistence and an inherent drive to innovate, learn, and improve.  Each time you fall short of your goals, count the experience as a blessing and learn from it, so that you'll be smarter and stronger when you try again.

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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