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Eighth Graders' Artistic Talents Featured at Expo
Posted 05/19/2017 08:00AM

Students performed original songs and read original poetry before a large crowd of families at the Eighth Grade Arts Expo on Wednesday, May 17 in Doc Wilson Hall.

The Expo was a culmination of the learning that has taken place this year in music, drama, humanities and art. Adorning the walls of the hall were inventive mixed-media posters and artwork created by the eight student bands that performed.

The groups and their songs were: B.G.D., “If You Were My Baby;” The Flash Dark, “Captivated;” Unorthodox Politics, “Impeach the Orange;” Amber, “Losing All Control;” Nicholas Supreme, “Fidget Spinner;” Mad Hatter, “Passion;” Force Applied, “Shaking;” and Blue Roses, “Covergirl’s Tragedy.”

The bands’ spirited performances were interspersed with poetry readings by Mitchell Fink, Carys Douglas, Sachi Singh, Zackary Spivak, Reed Gilmore, Iris Pelli-Walbert, Vasilisa Ioukhnovets, Mark Attar, Mariano Russo, Carolyn Hohl, Kate Kasoff, Aiden Coleman, Logan Schiciano, and Brenna Hazen. The young poets read their works with feeling and confidence, and the audience responded with sustained applause.

As part of the art portion of the Expo, each band had created pieces that resembled record album covers, with a real vinyl record poking out of one side. One piece, by Unorthodox Politics, was based on the Abbey Road record cover showing the Beatles walking across a striped intersection. In this case, the Beatles’ faces were replaced with photos of President Donald Trump. 

Across the hall were the bands’ posters, including Nicholas Supreme’s work, which featured a fidget spinner. Onlookers couldn’t resist twirling the gadget as they walked by.

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