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Dance Company Presents Engaging Fall Concert
Posted 11/17/2017 08:00AM

Masters’ Dance Company presented a mix of riveting and humorous dance pieces at its fall dance concert on November 10 and 11 at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.

The concert, entitled Metamorphosis: Humor, embraced this year’s School theme by featuring pieces highlighting the nuances of humor. A variety of styles and techniques were showcased, ranging from a 17th-century minuet to a tap dance scene that took place on the New York City subway system.

The music that accompanied the dance pieces was also wide-ranging, and included television theme songs. During a piece entitled “Can U Do This?,” for example, the “Roadrunner” cartoon show theme song played while two dancers, covered in costumes that made them look a bit like starfishes, tossed Hula-Hoops over each other. 

In the high-spirited “Commuter Tap,” the dancers first appeared in everyday commuters’ outfits as they rode on an imaginary subway car. They switched to tuxedo-like costumes adorned with sequins and red ties for the finish, tap-dancing to Thelonius Monk’s “Little Rootie Tootie.”

“We are basically a company of new dancers,” Dance Company Director Shell Benjamin said after the concert. “This presented the opportunity to personally shape and mold each of these budding young artists. Their performance far exceeded my expectations and I am extremely proud to see their artistic growth.”

“So many played a role in making this vision a reality at a high professional level,” she added. “They included choreographer Juan Michael Porter, who delighted us with a whimsical ballet; choreographer Christopher Huggins, who teased us with a mystical dance; choreographer Mo O’Connor, who had us tapping; art teacher Bruce Robbins and his video of “Sweet Dreams” that taught students how to manipulate puppets; Hennie Fry, the costume designer, and Amanda Labonte, our new theater tech director, who kept the show running seamlessly.”

Ms. Benjamin noted that she “was happy to hear and genuinely surprised to find out that visitors from Queens, New York returned each night to see the show, and alums are returning to support the Dance Company. Many told me of their favorite piece, but the overall comments were a love of the flow, variety and growth of the dancers.”   


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