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English Teacher's Book of Essays Published
Posted 12/08/2017 08:00AM

Upper School English teacher Caroline Dumaine has published a collection of essays, titled Don't Mind Me, I Just Died.

Montemayor Press, based in Vermont, published the book on December 1. Ms. Dumaine’s writing name is Caroline Sutton, which is also her maiden name. 

“The essays in this subtle and wide-ranging collection depict the lasting impact of mothers on daughters, the shifting relationships between parents and children over time, the ironies of marital life, and quandaries in the face of decline and death,” Montemayor Press states on its website. “Sutton brings startling perspectives to the everyday – from painting a room or getting on the wrong subway, to hitting a dazzling backhand or witnessing a lunar eclipse.” 

One of the essays in the collection, "Eclipsed," received Southern Humanities Review's Theodore Christian Hoepfner Award, according to the publisher. The book has also won praise from other writers. Here are a few examples:

“The details in these essays are so wonderfully precise they are at times Nabokovian, the emotions subtle but resonant, and always the intellect is sharp as a knife. Sutton offers a look into a private woman's world with the delicious company of her observant eye, her artist's wit, and her very human affection, whether for her mother, a leopard cub, tennis or home. Each sentence is a pleasure: it is clear how, in Sutton's hands, the craft of the essay has been polished with care, each a small gem.” – Gina Apostol, author of Gun Dealer's Daughter, as well as a former Masters faculty member, according to Ms. Dumaine. 

“Caroline Sutton's voice is distinctive, the questions she asks are elemental, and the answers... well, that's one of the many appealing things about Don't Mind, Me I Just Died: Sutton knows there are neither answers nor destinations, only a voyage she takes with her readers.” – Daniel Okrent, author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition

“Sutton's essays are at once revealing and reticent. We completely trust the teller and want as much as she will give us as she takes us on her journey through the deterioration of her formidable mother. These stories are sometimes told obliquely, but always told with inspiring grace and intensity.” – Meredith Sue Willis, author of Books for Readers

Ms. Dumaine’s book is available for purchase at the publisher’s website.

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