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Middle School Club Tackles Climate Change
Posted 01/26/2018 07:00AM

A group of Middle School students is doing its part to protect the planet through a new club, Youth for Climate Change (Y4C).  

Launched in November by seventh grader Morgan Young and her brother, fifth grader Maywin Young, Y4C is working to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change. As an initial project, the club is raising funds to restore mangrove trees in Myanmar as a shield against the effects of greenhouse gases.

The club’s first goal is to raise money within the Masters community for the planting of 5,000 trees in Myanmar. “If we can plant 5,000 mangrove trees,” Maywin said, “Masters will offset 5,000 tons of Co2 over the next 20 years.”

Morgan and Maywin’s mother, Monaqui Porter Young, is vice chair of Worldview International Foundation, a nonprofit organization that specializes in sustainable development projects and is overseeing the tree restoration effort. Ms. Porter Young facilitated the club’s meeting on Monday.

Eight Upper School students, including several members of EFFECT, participated in the session to learn about the mangrove tree project and to provide support to the club. During the meeting, the students discussed ideas for a fundraising event to be held on April 22, Earth Day. 

According to Y4C, mangrove trees have many benefits, including the ability to withstand major storms, create ecosystems for wildlife, and restore habitat for fish, helping to sustain local economies.

Worldview International has a nursery in Myanmar, where it is working with a team of scientists and students from Pathein University and two other colleges, according to Ms. Porter Young. Pathein University students have been planting mangrove trees – including 41 plantings made possible through Y4C’s fundraising efforts so far.

“Our goal is to make Masters ‘climate positive’ and to get Masters engaged in this issue,” Maywin said, adding that climate positive means “being positive about our earth and being positive that we can make a change.” 

Maywin has also tapped his artistic skills to support the initiative. He created a superhero named Mangosa Thura, whose mission is to protect “the Mangrove Forest, the village and the planet from the devastating wrath of Kortonex,” an evil creature made of greenhouse gases.

Maywin created the image and story and has been working with Nano Afrane, a Texas-based illustrator and animator, on the illustrations. Ms. Porter Young says that the plan is for Nano to create a live animation of climate change stories that Y4C will use to communicate and promote its mission to young people.

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