Coaches Directory 

Athletic Department

Athletic Director Kevin Versen 914-479-6569 Email
Assistant AD Mikelle Sacco  914-479-6475 Email
Middle School Athletic Coordinator Hernado Santmaria  914-479-6536 Email 
Head Athletic Trainer  Ryan Wagner  914-479-6726 Email 
Equipment/Uniform Manager Day/Game Operations Ken Verral 914-479-6480  Email
Aquatics Director Susan Greally 914-479-6536  Email 
Adventure Program Director  Meghan MacWilliams  914-479-6732  Email 



Head Varsity Coach Dale Mueller           Email
Assistant Coach Matt Browne Email 
Assistant Coach Michael Archer Email 
MS Coach Hernando Santamaria  Email 
MS Coach  Tim Campbell  Email 

Boys Basketball

Head Varsity Boys Coach  Matt Kammrath                  Email
Assistant Coach / MS Coach Lou Demello Email
Assistant Coach Dytrel Bracey  Email 
Head JV 2 Coach Anthony Williams Email 
JV 1 Assistant / MS A Head Coach Andre Pope Email 
Head JV 1 Coach Michael Archer Email 
MS B Coach  Mike Skrapits  Email 
MS A Assistant Coach  Kahreign Joseph Email 
JV 2 Assistant / MS B Coach  Milton Farrar Email 

Girls Basketball

Head Varsity Girls Coach Nick Volchok  Email
Assistant Coach Chrystal Starling  Email  
Assistant  Nicole Augustine  Email  
MS Coach Abby Zielinski Email 
MS Head Coach  Maria Nardulli  Email
MS Coach  Shannon Nicholson  Email

Cross Country

Head Varsity Coach Ford Palmer         Email
Assistant Coach /MS Coach Million Wolde Email 
Assistant Coach Stephanie VanPelt  Email
Middle School Coach Kenyetta Iyevbere Email
Middle School Coach  Johnny Gregorek  Email


Head  Boys and Girls Coach Carlos Ugalde         Email 
Assistant Coach  Paul Friedman Email
Assistant Coach Ben Theeman  Email

Field Hockey

Head Varsity Coach Skye McFarlane           Email
Assistant Coach/MS Coach Shannon Nicholson Email
Assistant Coach Jen Wandle Email
MS Coach Gianna Magosin  Email 
MS Head Coach Meghan MacWilliams  Email 


Head Boys Coach Bhavin Patel                            Email
Assistant Coach Brendon Barrios  Email
Assistant Coach Greg Schlapp  


Indoor Track

Head Boys and Girls Coach Jam Shakwi                      Email 
Assistant Coach Ford Palmer  Email
Assistant Coach Stephanie VanPelt Email
Assistant Coach / MS Coach Kenyetta Iyevbere  Email  
MS Coach  Susan Greally   
MS Coach  Joe McAsey  

Boys Lacrosse

Head Coach Tim Custer Email
Assistant Coach  Andrew Young  Email 
MS / Assistant Coach                        Ricardo Williams Email
MS / Assistant Coach          John Cegielski                                      

Girls Lacrosse

Head Girls Coach Meghan MacWilliams  Email 
Assistant Coach / MS Coach Maria Nurdulli Email 
Assistant Coach/ MS Head Coach Nicole Augustine Email 
MS Coach   Abby Zielinski


Boys Soccer

Head Boys Coach / MS Coach Ray Franklin                            Email   
Assistant Coach Brendon Barrios Email
Head JV 1 Coach David Downs Email
Assist JV 1 Coach Sebastian Germain Email
JV 2 Head Coach/MS Coach Christian Morales Email 
MS Coach Lou DeMello  Email
MS Assistant Coach  Daniel Watson Email 
Assistant JV2 Coach / MS Coach Edmond Addison Email 

Girls Soccer

Head Coach/MS Coach Hernando Santamaria Email
Assistant Coach Abby Zielinski Email
Assistant Coach/MS Coach Nicole Augustine Email 
GK Coach  Kate Lyn  Email 




Head Varsity Coach Shannon Nicholson   Email
Assistant Coach Briana Panarese  Email 
Assistant Coach Joseph Marino  Email 
MS Coach  Liza Ueno  Email 
MS Coach     

Boys Squash

Head Varsity     Mumtaz Anwar               Email   
Assistant Coach / JV Coach    Skeff Young                      Email
Girls Varsity Head Coach    Rob Fish                      Email
Middle School Coach     Sahel Anwar Email  
Middle School Coach      Hernando Santamaria Email
Middle School Coach      Meghan MacWilliams Email

Girls Squash

Head Varsity Coach    Rob Fish                Email
Assistant Varsity Coach                       
Middle School Coach    Sahel Anwar           Email 
Middle School Coach    Hernando Santamaria Email
Middle School Coach    Meghan MacWilliams Email

Boys Swimming

Varsity / MS Coach    Susan Greally                      Email
Varsity /MS Coach    Craig McClintock               Email 
Varsity /MS Coach    Ryan Marynowski              
MS Coach    Elliot Bloomberg            Email

Girls Swimming

Varsity /MS Coach    Susan Greally                      Email
Varsity /MS Coach    Craig McClintock            Email 
Varsity /MS Coach    Ryan Marynowski           
MS Coach    Elliot Bloomberg        Email

Boys Tennis

Head Coach Greg Lesser  Email
Head Boys JV Coach  Tom Walker  Email  
Assistant Varsity Coach  Agustin Janssen   
Assistant JV/MS Coach  Lonny Aronstein   
MS Head Coach Sergei Nabatov  Email 

Girls Tennis

Head Coach Greg Lesser Email
Assistant Coach Akia Gore  Email
JV Coach Tom Walker Email 
JV Coach  Michelle Juster Kaye  Email 

Track & Field

Head Boys and Girls Coach  Jam Shakwi                              Emai
Assistant Coach Stephanie VanPelt Email
Assistant Coach  Felicia Yearwood Email
Assistant Coach Ford Palmer Email 
MS Head Coach  Susan Greally  Email 
MS Head Coach Kenyetta Iyevbere Email 
MS Coach  Joe McAsey   

Girls Volleyball

Head Varsity/MS Coach  Chanel Flowers         Email
Assistant Coach Mikelle Sacco Email
JV 2 Head Coach Margo Phelan Email 
JV 1 Head Coach  Iris Bromfield Email 
JV  1Assistant Coach Rachel Eaker  
Head MS Coach  Nancy Gormley  Email 
Assistant JV 2 Coach / MS Coach Sasha Atkins   


Boys Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach Chanel Flowers       Email
Assistant Coach Joe McAsey   
Assistant Coach  Andre Pope  Email 
49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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