The Masters School story is one of growth, success and promise. The School has remained true to Eliza Bailey Masters’ desire that her students would be well schooled, ethically sound, and “a power for good in the world.” We continue to build on Miss Masters’ strong foundation of excellence. Now Masters must attain an endowment that is commensurate with this mission and continue to excel as a leading independent boarding and day school.

With enrollment at an all-time high, steadily increasing application numbers, and modest annual attrition, Masters is recognized as one of our nation’s top-tier independent schools. Two hundred boarders enjoy an exceptional residential experience and our day students benefit from the diversity and perspectives of their boarding school colleagues. Today, Masters is a highly diverse, seven-day boarding school, coupled with a vibrant day school, that creates one, cohesive, dynamic community of teachers and learners. Importantly, 60% of the faculty lives on our 96-acre campus, where diverse students from 65 different zip codes are learning and living with fellow students from 35 countries.

This is a school where diversity, whether it is international diversity, ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, is important. It’s also about socioeconomic diversity – we have a lot of children who are here on financial aid. Parents who want that for their child will come to Masters from nearby and far-flung places to have their kids experience the “real world.” Masters seek out the real world here, and I think that parents appreciate that about the school. – Current Parent

Where Endowment Counts

Masters focuses its endowment resources in five main areas.

STUDENTS: A strong endowment allows Masters to strengthen our student body profile with deliberate and well-funded recruitment strategies. A balanced and diverse student body allows our students to expand their world view and raise the level of academic, athletic and artistic achievement across the school.

One of the hallmarks of The Masters School is its highly diverse student body. Our students hail from over 30 countries and many U.S. states and come to Masters with multitudes of interests, contributions and aspirations. Individually, they contribute differing world-views around the Harkness Table and collectively they raise the bar excellence for the entire community.

Masters is deeply committed to maintaining this diverse community through continued financial aid. Twenty-five percent of our students receive financial assistance, and we currently allocate nearly $5 million annually from our operating budget for aid. More endowed scholarship funds can allow us to be more intentional in our recruiting strategies, further ensuring that we have a wide range and the right balance within our student body.

Endowment gifts in support of a diverse student body can be directed in a variety of ways, including full or partial tuition scholarships that are based on need and/or have a focus in a particular area of study or co-curricular interest.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

FACULTY: A strong endowment allows Masters to recruit and retain exceptional faculty. It allows our faculty to innovate in the Harkness teaching environment, develop programming beyond the classroom, and grow as educators.

A school’s faculty is the foundation of any institution of learning. We value our teachers and administrators, knowing the deep effect they have on our students’ growth and maturity as individuals. Masters has assembled a faculty of distinction and talented administration over the past decade in the face of increasing peer-school competition and external financial pressures. It is essential that we continue to support and recruit the very best faculty and staff to keep the Masters edge and to continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students.

Endowment gifts in support of a faculty of distinction include, but are not limited to, named departmental chairs, professional development and sabbatical funds, as well as athletic, arts and leadership positions.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

PROGRAM: A strong endowment allows Masters to develop 21st Century programs and empower our students with complex skills for application in a complex world. It allows the School to enhance leadership qualities and connect our students to global networks through the use of technology and outreach programs.

Around the Harkness Table every day, The Masters School faculty encourages their students develop critical, creative, and independent habits of thought and a lifelong passion for learning; to become articulate and confident citizens with a global perspective; to respect other points of view; and to listen carefully to what others have to say. In order to continue attracting exceptional faculty to develop and sustain innovative programs for the long-term, we need to secure the funds to support these initiatives through endowment support.

Endowment gifts in support of academic innovation and leadership include our Global Initiatives program, our innovative American Studies course, our Ethical Leadership Program, among other programs.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

CAMPUS: A strong endowment allows Masters to defray the rising costs of energy and improvements to our 96-acre physical plant, thereby reducing reliance on tuition increases. It allows the School to address the additional costs projected to operate and staff the MAAC, Estherwood Mansion and other buildings.

The Masters School’s 96-acre campus has over fifteen buildings, five athletic fields, tennis courts, and acres of managed lawns. Several of our buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. Maintaining the exteriors and interiors of our wonderful buildings is paramount to a healthy and safe campus. Estherwood Mansion, for example, needs regular and necessary work to be preserved and accessible. With the addition of new and improved buildings come new costs. The MAAC will be an energy efficient and technology advanced facility, but will increase overall carrying costs for the school. Endowments to help offset these expenditures will help the school keep tuition increases lower.

Endowments in support of the Masters campus may include funds for the preservation of Estherwood, maintenance of our athletic fields, campus landscaping and beautification, and the FC building endowment.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

UNRESTRICTED PURPOSES: A strong endowment allows Masters to provide financial support to the institutions highest and most pressing priorities. Fewer limitations on purpose keep the school nimble and able to respond to unexpected changes in enrollment, the economy or other global and local factors.

Unrestricted endowment funds essentially support the mission of The Masters School. Gifts to unrestricted endowment allow us to direct resources to those areas of greatest need and priority in any given year.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

For more information, to discuss making a gift, or to inquire about naming opportunities, please call Tim Kane, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 914-479-6527, or send an email to  tim.kane@mastersny.org .

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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