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  • Baseball

    Head Varsity CoachDale Mueller
    Assistant CoachMatt BrowneEmail
    Assistant CoachMichael ArcherEmail
    MS CoachHernando SantamariaEmail
    MS Coach Tim Campbell Email
  • Boys' Basketball

    Head Varsity Boys Coach Matt KammrathEmail
    Assistant Coach / MS CoachLou DemelloEmail
    Assistant CoachAndre Pope Email 
    Head JV 2 CoachAnthony WilliamsEmail 
     MS A Head CoachMike Skrapits Email
    Head JV 1 CoachMichael ArcherEmail 
    MS A Assistant Coach Kahreign JosephEmail 
  • Girls' Basketball

    Head Varsity Girls CoachNick Volchok Email
    Assistant CoachChrystal Starling Email
    Assistant Nicole Augustine Email
    MS CoachAbby ZielinskiEmail 
    MS Head Coach Maria Nardulli Email
  • Cross-Country

    Head Varsity CoachFord Palmer        Email
    Assistant CoachStephanie VanPelt Email
    Middle School CoachKenyetta IyevbereEmail
    Middle School Coach Chris Giesting 
    Middle School Assistant Coach Susan GreallyEmail
  • Fencing

    Head  Boys and Girls CoachCarlos Ugalde        Email 
    Assistant Coach Paul FriedmanEmail
    Assistant CoachBen Theeman Email
  • Field Hockey

    Head Varsity Coach
    Skye McFarlane          
    Assistant Coach/MS Coach   
    Yolanda Nyero 
    Assistant Coach
    Jen Wandle
    MS Coach
    Shannon Nicholson 
  • Golf

    Head Boys Coach   
    Bhavin Patel                           
    Assistant Coach
    Brendon Barrios 
    Assistant Coach
    Greg Schlapp
  • Indoor Track

    Head Boys and Girls Coach
    Assistant Coach
    Stephanie VanPelt
    Assistant Coach / MS Coach   
    Kenyetta Iyevbere 
  • Boys' Lacrosse

    Head CoachTim CusterEmail
    Assistant Coach Andrew YoungEmail 
    MS / Assistant Coach                       Ricardo WilliamsEmail
    MS / Assistant Coach         John Cegielski
  • Girls' Lacrosse

    Head Girls CoachMeghan MacWilliamsEmail
    Assistant Coach / MS CoachMaria NardulliEmail 
    Assistant Coach/ MS Head CoachNicole AugustineEmail
    MS CoachAbby Zielinski
  • Boys' Soccer

    Head Boys Coach / MS CoachRay FranklinEmail
    Assistant CoachBrendon BarriosEmail
    Head JV 1 CoachDavid DownsEmail
    Assist JV 1 CoachSebastian GermainEmail
    JV 2 Head Coach/MS CoachChristian MoralesEmail
    MS CoachLou DeMelloEmail
    MS Assistant CoachDaniel WatsonEmail
     MS CoachEdmond AddisonEmail
  • Girls' Soccer

    Head CoachHernando SantamariaEmail
    Assistant CoachAbby ZielinskiEmail
    Assistant CoachNicole AugustineEmail
    Head MS CoachAbby ZielinskiEmail
    Assistant Varsity/MS Coach/ GK CoachDanny Leon 
  • Softball

    Head Varsity CoachShannon Nicholson
    Assistant CoachBriana PanareseEmail
    Assistant CoachJoseph MarinoEmail
    MS CoachLiza UenoEmail
    MS CoachTBA
  • Boys' Squash

    Head Varsity   Sahel AnwarEmail
    Assistant Coach / JV Coach   Skeff YoungEmail
  • Girls' Squash

    Head Varsity CoachRob FishEmail
    Assistant Varsity CoachTBA
    Middle School CoachSahel AnwarEmail
    Middle School Coach
    Ahmed Elmehelmi
  • Boys' Swimming

    Varsity / MS CoachSusan Greally    Email
    Varsity /MS CoachCraig McClintockEmail
    Varsity /MS CoachRyan Marynowski
    MS CoachElliot BloombergEmail
  • Girls' Swimming

    Varsity / MS CoachSusan Greally    Email
    Varsity /MS CoachCraig McClintockEmail
    Varsity /MS CoachRyan Marynowski
    MS CoachElliot BloombergEmail
  • Boys' Tennis

    Head CoachGreg LesserEmail
    Head Boys JV CoachTom Walker 
    Assistant Varsity CoachMatthew Llewellyn 
  • Girls' Tennis

    Head CoachGreg LesserEmail
    Assistant CoachBill Roberts
    Assistant CoachMatthew Llewellyn
    JV CoachTom Walker
    JV AssistantJon Bott
  • Track & Field

    Head Boys and Girls CoachTBA                
    Assistant CoachStephanie VanPelt
    Assistant CoachFelicia Yearwood
    Assistant CoachFord PalmerEmail
    MS Head Coach Susan GreallyEmail
    Varsity & MS Head CoachKenyetta IyevbereEmail
    MS CoachJoe McAsey
  • Girls' Volleyball

    Head Varsity/MS CoachChanel Flowers Email
    Assistant Coach (Varsity & MS)Mikelle SaccoEmail
    JV  Head CoachMargo PhelanEmail 
    JV  Head CoachNancy Gormley
    JV  Assistant CoachStephany Olivieri
    Head MS CoachDiane Scott
    Assistant JV CoachLauren Reese
    Head MS CoachDiane Scott
    Head MS CoachChanel Flowers
  • Boys' Volleyball

    Head Varsity CoachChanel Flowers  Email
    Assistant CoachJoe McAsey
    Assistant CoachAndre PopeEmail


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