Local Weather Reporting

The Masters School is now a local weather reporting station, with sophisticated monitoring instruments in place and access to resources that provide meteorological data. The instruments, which are mounted on the roof of Morris Hall, include a wind sensor, rain gauge, lightning sensor, and high-definition (HD) camera that pans 360 degrees around campus.
Above is a live image from Masters' HD cloud camera, which updates every five minutes. Refresh the page for the latest shot.
Using your computer, you can access current conditions, the 10-day forecast, maps and additional information at Masters' custom weather portal by clicking here. A cellphone app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

As part of the project, faculty now have access to WeatherSTEM, which provides current conditions, a five-day forecast, time-lapse HD pictures, and more.

Below is a sampling of our real-time meteorological data, which updates every time this page is refreshed.

Real-time Weather Conditions

Temperature: 75.4° F
Wind chill: 75.4° F
Wind speed: 13 mph
Wind direction: 36°
Dew point: 53.1° F
Humidity: 46%
Rainfall: 0.00in/hr

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