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Richmond Bowl
Created to honor Nell Angle Richmond ’34 and Tom Richmond, this award is presented each year by the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association to an alumna/us whose exceptional support of and service to The Masters School reflects the same outstanding quality of creative leadership demonstrated by the Richmond family. Because this is an Alumnae/i Association award for leadership, it traditionally goes to an alumna/us who has worked as a Dobbs volunteer in a number of different jobs over a period of years, showing leadership and dedication in not just one but many areas of service. It recognizes a kind of selfless dedication and willingness to serve, and has gone to alumnae/i who have always been willing to go the extra mile in their service to the school. Staying power as an active leader—long-term service as opposed to intense short-term service—is recognized by means of awarding The Richmond Bowl.
Anna Howe Faculty Award
The Anna Howe Faculty Award is an award recognizing former or current faculty members who have helped shape and change the lives of their students. The award is presented to a teacher who has not only excelled in the classroom, but who, through guidance, encouragement, and support has made a meaningful difference to his or her students.
Eliza Bailey Masters Fellowship Award
The Eliza Bailey Masters Fellowship Award is given to honor an alumna/us who exemplifies Miss Masters’ philosophy through outstanding service to his or her community. While this award recognizes an alumna/us who exemplifies Miss Masters’ ideal of service in the world beyond Dobbs, potential candidates should also have maintained their ties to and affection for our alma mater.
Maureen Fonseca Young Alumnae/i Award
Created in 2015 to honor former Head of School Maureen Fonseca, the Young Alumnae/i Award recognizes an alumna/us under the age of 30 who embodies the values and mission of The Masters School—to learn, to strive, to dare, to do, and to be a power for good in the world—and who maintains a deep connection to Masters and to his or her fellow alumnae/i through volunteerism and active involvement in the life of the School.

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