Academics at Masters

At The Masters School, you’ll learn to speak your mind. You’ll listen enthusiastically. You’ll question everything. By tackling the most difficult questions, you’ll hone your critical, creative and collaborative thinking skills. You’ll need to bring everything — your fears, your doubts, your opinions — to the table because this is intellectual exploration at its best.

The School empowers independent thinkers through a rigorous curriculum based on active intellectual exploration. Our curriculum seeks to impart broad knowledge and develop intellectual capacities in a transformational way. While challenging, academics are delivered in a culture of kindness and inclusivity, where diversity of thought is celebrated and you are encouraged to take healthy risks and push boundaries, all with the goal of being ready for college, career, and life.

Masters is distinguished by our use of the Harkness method, where we teach and learn around a singular, oval table. Harkness challenges students to achieve a higher level of engagement, to extract and construct their own meaning from the content, and then to share it courageously and articulately with their peers and teachers. When we gather around the table, students strengthen their own thoughts while gaining the respect for the voices of others.

Regardless of college track or professional field, these talents and skills are critical to future achievement and success.

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