Welcome to the Parent Association

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The Masters School Parent Association (PA) is about community, connection, and support. Our goal is to create a positive and welcoming environment for all families while partnering with faculty, staff, and administrators to support the goals, needs, and mission of the School.

Throughout the year, the PA plans special programs, events, educational evenings and social gatherings for parents and guardians, providing an opportunity for families to meet and connect with one another and engage with faculty and administrators.

At Masters, parents and guardians contribute to the life of the School as volunteers, supporters, leaders and ambassadors. Your involvement is vital to maintaining the vibrancy of our community and helps to make Masters such a special place for our students.

I encourage you to create and strengthen bonds by taking part in our programs and events. Here’s to a great year ahead!


Amie Servino '95, P'26
Director of Parent Engagement

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Amie Servino

    Amie Servino 95

    Director of Parent Engagement


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  • Officers

    Parke Anderson P'24, '27
    Co-Vice President, Upper School

    Madeline Seguinot P’20, '24
    Co-Vice President, Upper School

    Midori Im P’22, ’28
    Co-Vice President, Middle School

    Jenny Liang Milward P'24, '26, '29
    Co-Vice President, Middle School
  • Committee Chairs

    Saloni Singh P'27
    Chair, Admission Support
    Nadia Reid-Christie P'23, '25
    Boarding Parent Representative

    Dana Oliver P'22, '25
    Chair, Book Club

    Tracelyn Charles P'26
    Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Madeline Seguinot P’20, ’24
    Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
    Susie Williams P’26
    Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
    Andrew Barnes P’26, ’26
    Chair, Parent Masters Fund
  • Class Representatives

    12 Grade (2024)
    Marla Evans P'24
    Maria Marino P'24

    11th Grade (2025)
    Susan Furniss P'20, '23, '25
    Lori Moussapour P'15, '25
    10th Grade (2026)
    Shelly Steinwurtzel P'26, '30
    Paula Wood P’26
    9th Grade (2027)
    Parke Anderson P'24, '27
    Sara Barek P'27, '29

    8th Grade (2028)
    Midori Im P'22, '28

    7th Grade (2029)
    Peter Lavery P'29
    Jenny Liang Milward P'24, '26, '29

    6th Grade (2030)
    Latasha Thomas P'25, '30
    Steven Yung P'23, '30

    5th Grade (2031)
    Jennifer Vargas P’26, ’31