Once you successfully fulfill the graduation requirements below and pass all of the courses by the end of senior year, you are well on your way onward and upward! 

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  • Graduation Requirements

    English: Four years
    Math: Three years, through at least Algebra II/Trigonometry
    Languages: Three years of high school study, in the same language, through at least level III
    History: Three years of history, one of which must be United States History
    Religion: A half-credit course in world religions, typically taken in grade 10
    Science: Three years of science, two of which must be composed of laboratory science courses
    The Arts: Students entering grade 9 must take 1.5 credits in any of the visual or performing arts at Masters. Students who start Masters after grade 9 are required to take one credit in the visual and performing arts.
    Ninth Grade Seminar: Only for those entering at grade 9
    Public Speaking: A quarter-credit course to be taken in grade 11
    Health: A quarter-credit course to be taken in grade 11
    Physical Education: Four years (can be fulfilled by participation in athletics, dance, fitness co-curriculars) 
    Athletics: Upper school students must participate as a member of an interscholastic team for three out of six seasons during ninth and tenth grade; at least one of these seasons must be during freshman year. In addition to team sports, Dance Company and the winter musical also fulfill this requirement.
    Swim Test: As a requirement for graduation from The Masters School, all students must pass a swim test. The School’s Aquatics Director administers the swim test to each student at arranged times throughout the year. Students who do not pass the swim test by the end of the first semester of their senior year will be expected to enroll in swim instruction with the Aquatics Director until they are able to pass the test. For those non-swimmers, The Masters School will provide swim lessons and work with you to pass the test. Water safety and the ability to swim are important life skills and Masters ensures that each student has the opportunity to learn and practice this important skill.