Register for Masters Summer Sports Camps!

The Masters School is hosting four sports camps during June, July and August: basketball, fencing, squash and volleyball. Taught by experienced Masters coaches, this is a great opportunity for Masters and non-Masters athletes to improve their skills and prepare their game for the upcoming competitive season. The camps are co-ed and for students aged 8-18.
Additional Information
From fiction writing to a cappella singing to hiking and camping trips, students have exciting opportunities to explore their passions and develop new ones. With more than 30 organizations to choose from, students share their interests and advance worthy causes.
True to our belief in diversity and collaboration, most groups are co-led by a male student and a female student. Student activities add immense energy to campus life and foster leadership and organizational skills -- vital assets for life in college and beyond.

Sampling of Clubs

Anime Club
Art Club
Classics Club
Cooking Club
DAA (Dobbs Athletic Association)
Debate Club
Dohters (female a cappella group)
Dragon Club
Football Club
French Club
Gaming Club
Gender and Sexuality Alliance
Gold Key Society
Improv Club
International Club
Latin Club
Masterpieces (yearbook)
MISH (Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping)
Model UN
One Love
Operation Smile
Panache (literary magazine)
Phoenix (honorary drama club)
Spanish Club
The Naturals (male a cappella group)
Touring Talent
Tower (student newspaper)
Urban Connection

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