7-Day Boarding Program

Students in our seven-day boarding program enjoy all the benefits of boarding education, such as full-time access to faculty and school resources and the opportunity to participate in a wide range of weekend activities.

From enjoying the hottest Broadway musical and visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art to cheering for the Yankees or hiking in the nearby mountains, weekends at Masters are full of excitement.

Students who stay on campus can shoot hoops, play tennis, bake cookies in the dorm kitchen or get help with a project from one of the teachers who live on campus. Others join friends for brunch in the Dining Hall before heading out to a movie.

Students in the boarding program are able to experience a real sense of community, access to faculty and School resources for extra help, and the chance to develop independence and lifelong friendships.


Field trips, adventures and more!

Full-time boarders enjoy an array of experiential activities on weekends, such as regular field trips to New York City for architectural walks, museum visits, sports events and artistic performances, as well as visits to historic landmarks and national monuments in Washington, DC, Boston and Philadelphia. Students also participate in outdoor excursions, sports and language lessons, test preparation classes, group college visits, driver education and life-skill courses in personal finance, cooking, home and auto repair.

Our goal is not only to prepare students for college and beyond but also to help manage the demands associated with this time of transition in their lives.