Inclusive Excellence at Masters

The Center for Inclusive Excellence provides the pathway for collaborating with the Masters community to pursue a shared goal: students and adults who see themselves as healthy, whole and thriving humans. Through our work in identity belonging, ethical leadership, wellness, and purposeful engagement, we prioritize building capacity and employing strategies that ultimately equip us to co-create communities that feel like home to all of the School's community members. 

Inclusive excellence is an approach designed to integrate inclusion and belonging efforts into all aspects of an organization’s functioning. This means taking steps to ensure that this lens is considered in decision-making, programmatic initiatives, policy, and when developing structural supports. Inclusive excellence has primarily been a framework used by colleges and universities; The Masters School recognizes its value and has adopted it as an essential element of delivering on our mission.

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  • What Is Inclusive Excellence?

    Inclusive excellence as a concept was first introduced by the American Association of Colleges and Universities in 2005 as a methodology for helping colleges and universities realize the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and their positive impact on institutional quality.

    Inclusive excellence integrates inclusion and belonging efforts into the core of organizational functioning. Applying inclusive excellence concepts infuses diversity practices into a school's recruiting and hiring processes, core academic functions, and administrative structures and procedures.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Selas Douglas

    Selas Douglas 

    Associate Head of School for Inclusive Excellence
  • Photo of Esperanza Borrero

    Esperanza Borrero 

    Dean for Inclusive Excellence
  • Photo of Meghan MacWilliams

    Meghan MacWilliams 

    Associate Dean for Ethical Leadership
  • Photo of Jodie Goldberg

    Jodie Goldberg 

    Associate Dean of Health and Wellness
  • Photo of Elena Olivieri

    Elena Olivieri 

    Associate Dean of Wellness and Purposeful Engagement & Faculty
  • Photo of Pilar Méndez-Cruz

    Pilar Méndez-Cruz 12

    Upper School English Teacher & Center for Inclusive Excellence MS/US Coordinator
  • Photo of Mariah Peña

    Mariah Peña 

    Upper School English Teacher & Center for Inclusive Excellence MS/US Coordinator
  • Photo of Marie-Louise Miller

    Marie-Louise Miller 

  • Photo of Stefanie Carbone

    Stefanie Carbone 

    Upper School Counselor
  • Photo of Gretchen Campbell

    Gretchen Campbell 

    Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Brandon Sanders

    Brandon Sanders 

    Upper School Counselor
  • Photo of Lydia Whitney

    Lydia Whitney 

    Upper School Counselor