Middle School Learning Support

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  • Teaching and Learning

    Masters’ goal is to teach all students about the importance of developing a growth mindset, the belief that one’s abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. We encourage and help our students to develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. Monitoring one’s own understanding and asking questions is essential to the learning process, which is typically full of healthy trials and errors in the middle school years, as each student learns the strategies that help them learn best.
    To support our students in developing a solid foundation in organizational, writing and study skills, the Middle School Learning Specialist teaches a Skills class to all of our fifth and sixth grade students.
  • Academic Choice

    When students have questions, or find course material challenging we encourage our students to reach out to their teachers for extra help during our daily Academic Choice period. Seeking this help is an important skill for middle school students to develop. Because some students can be shy about approaching adults for assistance, teachers may also reach out when they see a student struggling. Students may also use the Academic Choice period to study, do homework, or work collaboratively with their peers on class projects. 
  • Learning Enhancement and Development

    The Masters School has a Learning Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Department to work with those students who have documented learning differences and who require the services of a trained professional. Students who meet the criteria are eligible for a weekly appointment with a school learning specialist if they so choose and if the School determines that such appointments are needed. In the middle school, the learning specialist also provides direct support in some academic classes, working with individuals or small groups during instruction and learning activities.

    Our middle school learning specialist is part of the LEAD team, which includes two upper school learning specialists, one of whom is the director of the team. This group plays an important role in unlocking a student's unique talents and gifts. In collaboration with the faculty, they help to guide students as they take responsibility for their learning. The middle school learning specialist is the person to contact for any requests for accommodations.When specific accommodations are requested for a student, documentation must clearly demonstrate the need for teaching modifications or procedures that might allow a student with physical or learning impediments to meet academic expectations or complete assignments. In some cases, certain recommended accommodations cannot be provided by the School.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Julia Jones

    Julia Jones 

    Director of Learning Enhancement and Development
  • Photo of Mona Hazarika-Tamucci

    Mona Hazarika-Tamucci 

    Middle School Learning Specialist