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The Masters School embraces the use of technology in all of its forms and recognizes that it is essential to our educational mission. As such, the Technology Department offers a wide array of the latest technologies to support learning and enhance communication. These include but are not limited to: engineering workstations, 3D printers, a laser cutter and CNC router in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center; multiple advanced multimedia labs; and breakout collaboration rooms with large displays and wireless projection.

Each building on campus is connected by high-speed fiber. Internet access is distributed across multiple circuits, providing accelerated web activity and bandwidth, and is built on an enterprise-level wireless network that is accessible in every building across campus and certain outdoor areas.

The Technology Department is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and professional individuals dedicated to helping optimize the learning experience and providing exceptional technical support to all members of the school community. For more information on technology at Masters, please see the FAQ section below or email the Director of Technology, Bhavin Patel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What type of laptop is recommended for Masters coursework?

    Please read through each of the four laptop options below and choose the best option for your student(s).  If you would like to discuss your students' needs to ensure that you choose the proper device, please email the Director of Technology, Bhavin Patel to schedule a consultation via phone or Zoom.

    Note: Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets are not recommended due to their limited functionality with ChromeOS, iOS, and Android operating systems and application support - specifically with networking protocols, Microsoft Office products, and Zoom.  The school strongly recommends purchasing a true laptop that runs the MacOS or Windows operating systems to support complete academic curriculum needs.

    General Use Apple Laptop (Upper and Middle School): 
    The Apple MacBook Air. Lightweight and fast, the MacBook Air is the best Mac option for the majority of computing tasks, like email, browsing the web, word processing, etc.  You can purchase new Apple products with a discount using the Apple education pricing discount from this website:

    General Use Windows Laptop (Upper and Middle School):
    The 14in. Lenovo Thinkpad T14sLarger display than a MacBook Air, and is also customizable to your needs.  For discounts on Lenovo products, please email

    IEC/Computer Science (Upper School): Lenovo Legion Laptops with Intel i7 proc, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD drive, and an NVIDIA graphics card.

    Visual Arts (Upper School): Apple MacBook Pro.  There are various sizes and specs to this model.  You may choose the one that best suits your needs.  You can purchase new Apple products with a discount using the Apple education pricing discount from this website:

    All new laptops should be purchased with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD (16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD are recommended).

    We strongly recommend purchasing a warranty:  AppleCare+ or extended 3-4 year on Windows laptops.  Opting in for the accidental damage protection is also strongly recommended.

    The Masters School offers special discount pricing for hardware as well as software. Please contact our ServiceDesk at before purchasing your device(s) to take advantage of the School-provided discounts.

    For more information or questions, please email the Director of Technology, Bhavin Patel.
  • Will The Masters School Technology Department provide support for students' personal devices?

    The Technology Department provides basic troubleshooting and triage for student laptops and devices which prevent the completion of academic work. Depending on the hardware model, the Technology Department can also assist with certified-hardware repairs for student laptops and devices.
  • What software is recommended for parental controls on student devices?

    1. Apple Parental Controls: For the majority of parents and students, this will be the most popular way of managing their kid’s devices. It may be cumbersome to setup and it requires time and patience to go through the process, but it allows you to stay in the Apple platform for products. It is very detailed and does a great job of enforcing restrictions. All of the step-by-step instructions can be found from the link above.
    2. Google Family Link: This is a great tool for parents and kids who use Android devices and are on Chromebooks (it also works for Apple iOS). It is free and gives the parents insight into how their kids are using their devices. It can also block apps, such as Messages. This would have to be done with a personal Google account. The School’s account cannot be managed by Family Link.
    3. For paid solutions that are very robust, we recommend a subscription to the Bark or Qustodio apps. Free trial versions are available for both apps and we recommend the test drive before purchasing the subscription. These apps can provide all of the data and most of the restrictions that parents look for and it covers internet, phone calls/texting, and social media platforms. These are the all-in-one solutions that most parents need to make managing kid’s devices easy. There are many apps that will provide similar functionality on the market and we encourage parents to try them in order find the best fit for your family's needs.
    For more information on this topic, please email our Director of Technology Bhavin Patel.
  • Is printing, copying and scanning available for students 
    on campus?

    Yes! The Library and the Fonseca Center currently have enterprise multifunction copiers that can print, scan, and make copies. Students can submit print jobs to these copiers from any device on campus while connected to the “Masters” wireless network, and use their ID cards to release these jobs for printing at their convenience. Printers are also available in our multimedia labs.
  • Do students have access to color printers?

    Yes. Several color printers are available in the multimedia labs across campus.
  • Can boarding students purchase a printer for their dorm room?

    Yes. Please keep in mind that students are not able to connect wireless printers to the “Masters” wireless network. Students will need a USB cable to connect any purchased printers to their personal computers.
  • How do I contact the Masters ServiceDesk?

    Email from a Masters email address, or from a non-Masters email  address.

    You may also reach the ServiceDesk by calling (914) 479-6500 during business hours (M-F, 7:30am - 4:30pm EST, USA)

    Need to borrow a computer or other tech equipment for the day? Call, email, or stop by our office located in Morris Hall Room 106!

Masters ServiceDesk

To contact The Masters School ServiceDesk for assistance with any technology-related questions or issues, please call 914-479-6500

You can also email our ServiceDesk at

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