Co-curricular programs take place in the fall, winter and spring seasons. We call them co-curriculars, not extracurriculars, because we consider them essential elements of our curriculum, and all students are required to participate in the co-curriculars of their choice throughout the year. 

You can act in theatrical productions, dance, volunteer for service learning programs or work on our three school publications. Given our incredible diversity, Masters is a melting pot of preferences and possibilities — an encouraging place to try new things.

Examples of Co-Curriculars

  • Fitness Training
  • Running Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Yoga
  • Theater Tech
  • Dance Company
  • Visual Arts
  • Open Art Studio
  • Fall Play
  • Musical
  • Student One-Act Plays
  • Performance Lab/Workshop

Athletics Teams

Varsity and JV Teams
  • Boys soccer
  • Girls soccer
  • Girls field hockey
  • Girls volleyball
  • Girls tennis
  • Cross country
  • Boys vasketball
  • Girls basketball
  • Boys fencing
  • Girls fencing
  • Boys squash
  • Girls squash
  • Coed indoor track
  • Boys lacrosse
  • Girls lacrosse
  • Boys baseball
  • Girls softball
  • Boys tennis
  • Coed golf
  • Coed track