International Student Experience

Masters prides itself on being a diverse and global community. Our international students, who hail from 30 countries, join their United States counterparts, who come from 11 states and more than 120 local zip codes. International students quickly integrate into both the boarding and day student communities and are our student leaders, winning athletes, accomplished artists and leading scholars.

International Club and International Field Trips

As members of the International Club, international and American students share the rich diversity of cultures represented at The Masters School. The club meets on a regular basis with the International Student Advisor to share experiences of attending school in a foreign country, as well as to plan on-campus activities and trips to New York City.

The language exchange program is one of the most popular initiatives among our international students. Fun-filled activities are designed to reinforce the use of English while encouraging students to share their culture with others.

During a long weekend in October, all new international students visit the historic sites of Boston, Massachusetts, and become better acquainted with the history of their host country. Another highlight of each year is the International Club Dinner, when students prepare their favorite native dishes to share with the School community.