The Department of Performing Arts at The Masters School encompasses Dance, Music and Theater studies and experiences.
The faculty are dedicated to facilitating student pathways to discover the thrill of performing. Across a variety of performance mediums and in a wide range of performance settings, from ensemble pieces to technical artists, the department features opportunities for students to try their hand at every facet of performing arts. Further, the department offers opportunities for deep understanding of the various areas through courses that offer perspectives in production, theory and history.

Our Mission

With a philosophy and pedagogy deeply rooted in the belief that artistic expression is a fundamental fiber of being human, The Department of Performing Arts of The Masters School contributes to a community characterized by curiosity and empathy through nurturing purposeful, adaptable, resilient, and expressive artists.

We Gather...

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  • to Learn

    to engage with performing arts through active participation and meaningful collaboration; to explore the spectrum of our artistry; to take ownership of our personal learning as well as the collective growth of a collaborative group.

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  • to Strive

    to grow in proportion to our potential and in relationship to our starting points; to feel and express passion.

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  • to Dare

    to persevere through setbacks; to push our boundaries by engaging in positive risk-taking; to create safe spaces and new worlds; to believe in our success and potential.

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  • to Do

    to develop personal meaning and character through performing arts experiences; to find and experience joy; to cultivate versatility.

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  • to Be a Power for Good in the World

    to connect to self as well as to something larger; to serve our community through our art; to connect to what it means to be human universally; to interrogate norms and systems with justice centralized; to elevate each other and the community through both artistic inquiry and celebration.

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  • Discover

    the Performing Arts

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  • Students Head “Into the Woods” for Upper School Musical

    Take a step into a cautionary fairy tale mash-up that comes to life in the upper school production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre this week.
  • Dobbs 16: Hitting the Road and the High Notes

    Excited and nervous. That’s how mezzo-soprano Eileen Kang ’26 feels going into her first appearance as part of Dobbs 16 in the Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) Northeast Quarterfinals on February 10 in Danvers, Massachusetts.
  • "Ranked": Musical Debuts This Week

    Samantha Weber '25 is a cast member of “Ranked,” which opens today, Thursday, January 25, at 4:00 p.m., and runs January 26 and 27, at 7:00 p.m., in the Experimental Theater in the Fonseca Center. A group of 30 upper school students in the co-curricular theater program are in the performance and are supported by the technical theater students. Emilie Goodrich, a local education artist, is the show’s director, with guidance from theater teacher Meg O’Connor.
  • “Madame Butterfly” Enchants Fifth Graders

    The art of operatic storytelling came to life for the fifth grade class on January 8 when they attended the final dress rehearsal of Puccini’s celebrated classic “Madame Butterfly” at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center.
  • Dobbs 16 Prepares for Regional A Cappella Competition

    When the members of Dobbs 16 take the stage at the Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) Northeast Quarterfinals on February 10, in Danvers, Massachusetts, they will be singing - and dancing - their hearts out.