Inspiring Students to Engage in Critical Issues

Our Global Studies Program inspires students to engage with and understand critical issues at home and abroad, and prepares them for the wider, more complicated world.
Through a variety of educational opportunities across the country and around the globe, students' current views of the world are challenged and expanded upon. These immersive experiences provide students with a better grasp of how they see the world and how the world sees them. Companies today seek out employees who can think globally, who have been exposed to and engaged with the world beyond their own, and who can comfortably navigate diversity with empathy and a strong ability to forge connections.

A Masters Global Citizen Can...

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  • Visit Progressive Schools

    Attended academic classes at a boarding school in Tokyo
  • Build Community Partnerships

    Collaborated with local residents to paint a nursery school in Senegal
  • Immerse Themselves in New Cultures

    Prepared authentic Chinese dishes with host families in Chengdu
  • Engage in Club Activities

    Participated in karate lessons with the Japanese national high school sumo wrestling champions
  • Explore Historical and Social Issues

    Met with political leaders and toured the National Palace and congressional offices in Santo Domingo
    • The Masters School NY
In addition to exchange students visiting campus, our students interact with peers who come from 30 countries right here at Masters. In becoming global citizens both abroad and on campus, students hone their interpersonal skills and cultural knowledge, important differentiators that can be applied to all aspects of life.

Program Goals

School Partnerships

    • China

      Tsinglan School and Chengdu Cogdel School

    • Dominican Republic

      La Secundaria Babeque

    • Japan

      Jiyu Gakuen

    • Senegal

      Cours Saint-Marie de Hann