Gold Key Ambassadors

Hannah R.

Class of 2023
Scarsdale, New York

Why Masters?

I chose Masters because I was interested in the idea of a smaller class size. I have always thrived in smaller groups.

What is something you wish everyone knew about Masters?
How friendly every person is. Even though almost everybody at Masters will acknowledge how kind and friendly everyone is, it is still not mentioned enough. As a new student, I was so impressed by how welcoming everyone was and how so many people reached out and offered to make plans within the first week. You can’t walk from one side of the campus to the other without somebody saying hello or asking how your day is.

What is your favorite tradition at Masters?
Halloween. All students and faculty dress up and it is a super fun day! There are so many special activities and the whole school is able to come together, which is always exciting.
What class would you recommend?
Chemistry. It was my first science class where we worked through problems together and it definitely helped me become a better class contributor. I looked forward to going to that class every day.
Best spot on campus?
The library. I'm able to get all of my homework done there and also see my friends and work together in a common space.
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