2017-18 Upper School Athletic Awards

The 2017-18 Upper School Athletic Awards Night took place on Wednesday, May 30 at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.

The 2017-18 Upper School Athletic Awards Night took place on Wednesday, May 30 at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre. A slew of plaques and certificates were handed out, highlighted by Athlete of the Year for each grade level.

Athletes of the Year
Freshman Athletes of the Year: Isaiah Thompson and Francesca Mann
Sophomore Athletes of the Year: Nouran Youssef and Michael Van Demark
Junior Athletes of the Year: Kendra Cooper-Smith and Youssef Aly
Senior Athletes of the Year: Ram Sy and Oladayo Thomas

DAA Sportsmanship Award
Ciara Escobar 

Fan of the Year
Stephen Corrigan
Boys' Varsity Soccer
MVP: Diego Medina        
Coach's Award: Joost Olan-Sheehan
All-League: Oladayo Thomas, Kach Ugochukwu, Noel Gorodetsky 
All-NEPSAC: Oladayo Thomas

Girls' Varsity Soccer
MVP: Sharon Pena
Coach's Award: Kikka Domeneghetti  
All-League: JJ Marquez, Sharon Pena, Giyoon Lee 
All-WNEPSA: JJ Marquez
Field Hockey
MVP: Mollie Roth
Coach's Award: Iona McWhinnie
All-NEPSAC: Mollie Roth, Kendra Cooper-Smith 
Boys' Cross-Country
MVP: Sabian Grier
Coach's Award: Oliver Campbell
All-League: Sabian Grier
All-NEPSAC: Sabian Grier
Girls' Cross-Country
MVP: Brenna Hazen
Coach's Award: Elizabeth Mitchell
All-League: Brenna Hazen
All-NEPSAC: Brenna Hazen

Girls' Volleyball
MVP: Sophie Cohen
Coach's Award: Emily Madrid
All-League: Bridget Slakas, Eliza Brewster
All-NEPSAC: Sophie Cohen

Girls' Tennis
MVP: Daisy Sulavik
Coach's Award: Eliza Abady
Boys' Swimming
MVP: Marcus Diaz
Coach's Award: Mike D'Angelo
All-League: Marcus Diaz, Michael D'Angelo, Christopher Epes, Jesse Horowitz 
Girls' Swimming
MVP: Ella Furniss
Coach's Award: Charlotte Peterson
All-League: Charlotte Peterson

Boys' Fencing 
MVP: Petar Janicijevic
Coach's Award: Daniel Berov
All-League: Petar Janicijevic, Daniel Berov, Noah Crooks, Kasper Veliz 

Girls' Fencing
MVP: Yulin Chen
Coach's Award: Neha Garg 
All-League: Sophia Viscarello, Neha Garg 
Boys' Squash
MVP: Taha Dinana
Coach's Award: Garrett Wenberg
All-League: Taha Dinana, Yousef Aly

Girls' Squash
MVP: Nouran Youssef
Coach's Award: Daisy Sulavik
All-League: Nouran Youssef, Daisy Sulavik
All-American: Nouran Youssef

Boys' Basketball
MVP: Nick Rivera-Torres
Coach's Award: Rashid Woods
All-League: Nick Rivera-Torres, Isaiah Thompson, Rashid Woods
All-NEPSAC: Nick Rivera-Torres

Girls' Basketball
MVP: Brooke Tatarian 
Coach's Award: Noemia Massingue
All-League: Brooke Tatarian, Rama Sy, Noemia Massingue

Boys' Indoor Track
MVP: Sabian Grier
Coach's Award: Misha Feller
NYSAIS State Champ: Jaiden Feliciano (weight throw)
Girls' Indoor Track
MVP: Sanaa Shakwi 
Coach's Award: Amina Choudhry
NYSAIS State Champ: Sanaa Shakwi (shot put & weight throw)
MVP: Michael Fitzgerald
Coach's Award: Stephen Boe

MVP: Rebecca Wachen
Coach's Award: Sophia Herzberg

Boys' Tennis
MVP: Oren Vasser
Coach's Award: Sam Holliday
All-League: Oren Vasser, Alexander Magill 

Boys' Lacrosse
MVP: Ben McGowan
Coach's Award: DJ Dawkins
All-League: Ben McGowan, Ben Klein, Joost-Olan Sheehan

Girls' Lacrosse
MVP: Liv Johnke
Coach's Award: Zia Foxhall

Boys' Track & Field
MVP: Dorian Gilmartin 
Coach's Award: Paul Yang

Girls' Track & Field
MVP: Sanaa Shakwi
Coach's Award: Alexa Boglitz
NEPSTA champ: Sanaa Shakwi (shot put & discus)
NYSAIS champ: Sanaa Shakwi (shot put & discus)
Boys' Volleyball
MVP: Dexter Kalderon
Coach's Award: Stepan Grigorev
All-League: Jaiden Feliciano, Fritz Pingel, Dexter Kalderon 
MVP: John Kinsley      
Coach's Award: Jacob Barnet

Senior Varsity Awards
Students with eight-plus varsity letters while at Masters
Elizabeth Brewster
Ciara Escobar
Sophie Cohen
Diego Medina
Arielle Rusoff
Daisy Sulavik
Mary Sulavik
Joost-Olan Sheehan
Oladayo Thomas
Students with 12 varsity letters while at Masters
Elizabeth Mitchell

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