Register for Masters Summer Sports Camps!

The Masters School is hosting four sports camps during June, July and August: basketball, fencing, squash and volleyball. Taught by experienced Masters coaches, this is a great opportunity for Masters and non-Masters athletes to improve their skills and prepare their game for the upcoming competitive season. The camps are co-ed and for students aged 8-18.
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Middle School Athletes Receive Awards

Several students were recognized during the Middle School's spring Athletic Leadership Awards ceremony on Thursday, May 24.

An awards ceremony is held at the end of each sports season. Each coach presents an award to a student-athlete who is well-rounded both as an athlete and as a person, says Hernando Santamaria, Middle School Athletic Coordinator. 

The award winners are as follows: 
Track & Field: Cameron Lovett and Ashleigh Woodruff
Softball: Justine Rabley
Baseball: Nate Dyott and Ethan Schlapp 
Girls' Lacrosse: Aimee Ayala
Boys' Lacrosse: Noah Kassell-Yung
Tennis: Ella Mathas and Jonathan Oakes
Dance: AJ Halpern

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