Author and Speaker to Discuss Addiction and Recovery

Themes of resilience and self-care will be front and center during SADD’s annual Red Ribbon Week, taking place from October 22-26.

During a week dedicated to raising community awareness about the dangers and consequences of alcohol and other drug use, members of SADD and MISH are joining forces to welcome motivational speaker and author Stephen Hill on Tuesday, October 23.
Hill suffered from an active addiction for more than a decade and has been sober since 2012. He will share his story of addiction and recovery in an effort to help students understand that the decisions they make now can impact them for years to come.

Hill’s story compliments SADD’s themes of resilience and self-care because he focuses on personal empowerment, says Director of Counseling Stef Carbone. “He talks about self-care and self-compassion, and how staying substance free and focusing on one’s healthy passions will help students live happier, more wholehearted lives.”
Upper School students will meet with Stephen Hill on the morning of Tuesday, October 23. Events later in the day include break-out groups during Freshman Seminar and a Q&A with the SADD Club during lunch. Stephen will return to campus on Monday, November 12 for an evening panel discussion with parents from 6:30–8:00 PM.

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