Middle School Students Shine During Winter Concert

Months of preparation paid off, as Middle School students took to the stage in the Claudia Boettcher Theatre on Friday, January 11, for the annual winter concert.
The audience, filled to the point of standing room only, was treated to group performances by the Middle School orchestra, jazz band, MastersSingers and more. Each grade also performed one or more songs that tie in to their curriculum, which resulted in a robust and varied set of performances, from an operatic selection from The Magic Flute to the band Toto’s iconic pop song “Africa.”

The concert is an important moment for students, said Katie Meadows, Coordinator of Middle School Performing Arts. “It takes tremendous courage to get up on stage, and performing is not in everyone’s comfort zone.” Beyond this, said Meadows, is the challenge of performing. “To connect as an ensemble requires compassion, empathy and collaboration skills. Because of this, she noted “I’ve witnessed tremendous growth in the months leading up to this concert.”

The performance concluded with an emotionally evocative tradition: Middle School alumnae/i gathered on stage to perform the round “Now I Walk in Beauty” with current Middle School students. “It is so meaningful and inspiring to have [Middle School alumnae/i] return for this special tradition and sing a song of gratitude as one community,” reflected Meadows. The tradition is cherished by Middle School alums, and, judging by the standing ovation after the song ended, by the audience as well.

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