Students and Faculty From Partner School Visit Masters

This week, The Masters School community welcomed 12 students and two teachers from our partner school, Chengdu School Number 7, in Chengdu, China.

The group has a full schedule for the two weeks they will be here, from participating in Upper School Harkness discussions and Middle School Mandarin classes to visiting with CITYterm and hosting a Chinese New Year celebration for the entire Masters community.

This kind of partnership is an important aspect of the learning experience at Masters, said Director of Global and Civic Exchange Dr. Rob Fish. “Harkness learning inherently values learning, through discussion, with people who have different perspectives from one’s own.” And, he noted. “We value the opportunity to bring the world to Masters.” The partner school’s students have already spent time around the Harkness table conversing about topics from physics to differing interpretations of 19th-century Chinese history in both English and Mandarin sources, and have been welcomed into the homes of their host families.

Although the trip may go by quickly, the dialogue between Masters students and students from Chengdu School Number 7 will continue, when, as part of the Global and Civic Exchange Program, Masters students visit with the school in Chengdu over spring break.

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